Howard Aguello vs Garfield

Suggested by Destroyer Garfield has been around for a very long time. He’s gotten tons of comics and a lot of toon force at the ready. He’s never shown any super impressive feats though so I don’t think he’s bullet proof. That means he is out of luck against someone as powerful as Howard. “Powerful” isn’t usually how I would describe someone like Howard but as long as he has the gun at the ready he should be just fine in this matchup. Howard Aguello wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Garfield

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Garfield is a nice cat. He may not always show it as he hides behind a gruff exterior but the guy certainly cares about his friends. That being said, he is not ready to go up against an enemy as powerful as Crowley. Crowley has super speed and regeneration at his disposal. He can end this match in an instant with a quick speed blitz. This is the difference between a cat and a vampire. Crowley wins.

Ten Year Celebration 2015 Free Comic Book Day Special Review

It is time for the final Free Comic Book! I left this one for last because the one from last year bored me to be honest and anthologies are really hard to get into. This one features a lot of stories, but most of them are extremely short so you aren’t able to really get into them. That just doesn’t seem like a winning formula. The readers won’t be enticed to buy any of the issues and I doubt that the writers like to be confined to such a small area to show off their artistic talents. I suppose that it is supposed to just be a fun little comic to read to celebrate 10 years of…something, but it just doesn’t work.

There are a bundle of stories here. The one that is the longest and also the most boring is about a few mice who listen to a story about the days of old. Nothing happens and you wonder why the story is being told. Adventure Time’s short is about a card game tournament that is about to begin and this was one of the best comics. Had we actually gotten to start the tournament, it likely would have blown the rest of the stories away. I love a good card game tournament! Snoopy got one where he is trying to write a book, but one of the kids keeps criticizing him. I would give this one points for effort, but this comic feels like it has been ripped off panel for panel from other Snoopy issues. The plot is not new or original so no points for effort.

Garfield’s story is cool because he now has the title of fastest cat in the world. It was a comedy story as he did it for the pizza, but it was still satisfying to see him take the win. I thought that his owners would lose the money somehow, but they actually kept the 10000 dollar reward. That’s pretty great! There is a story about a Kirby ripoff who decides to fight a two headed dragon, but realizes that he doesn’t have any deodorant on. That’s certainly a dicey predicament when you are about to enter the fight of your life eh!? There are a few other stories, but you get the jist and the others were all extremely short anyway. Although, the story about the Red Cardinal giving people a chocolate milk drink when they thought that they were drinking coffee was decent. It was only about a page or two though so it really went by quickly.

The art really varies as each comic has a different art style so it’s really hard to talk about it. Some had good art like Garfield, Adventure Time (Gimicky, but still good) Snoopy, and the Cardinal, but others like the Mice story had art that was very sub par. By and large, it depends on the issue, but more issues have good art rather than bad so that’s always a good thing. The writing is typically in the same boat, but I’d argue that it is the opposite. More comics have poor writing than the kind of writing that will make you grin.

Overall, This collection was just as (not) good as I expected. You simply can’t hope to cram in like 10 different stories in a comic that is only slightly bigger than the typical one. There simply isn’t enough time to develop all of the tales and a lot of them will just tend to be unlikable or uninspired. We ended the free comics on a low note, but I did leave this one for last on purpose. I knew what to expect and I put it off for quite a while. No worries though as my next comic reviews will be about much better comics. You likely won’t see another comic with a score so long in quite a long while. If you like anthologies then maybe you should pick this up, but I still recommend skipping this comic and just reading a Justice League issue.

Overall 4/10

Snoopy vs Garfield

Snoopy makes his blog debut, but he’s up against the legendary Garfield! Garfield is a pretty powerful opponent, but can he really hope to take down Snoopy? Snoopy is incredibly powerful and he’s taken on his share of opponents in the past. Garfield’s out of his league. Snoopy wins.

MC Pee Pants vs Garfield

Garfield makes his debut, but it won’t be for a win this time! MC Pee Pants has grown too powerful and could use his hand to hand combat to take Garfield down for the count. Garfield is powerful, but he may not be powerful enough to win this round. Maybe he’ll be back someday. MC Pee Pants wins.