Robin Hood vs Greenman

Suggested by Sonic Robin Hood is pretty good with a bow and arrow. He also knows how to fight with his sword as needed but he’s not beating Greenman. Greenman is known as a bit of a joke in Megaman NT Warrior but he’s actually not really a terrible fighter. Against an ordinary human he would still be able to overwhelm the match with ease. Greenman has basic speed and power that Robin Hood wouldn’t be able to deal with unless he got a slight power up. It’s a shame that Greenman will likely never appear in a Megaman show again though. Greenman wins.

Domestic Longhair vs Robin Hood

Domestic Longhair loses his third match in a row. He just didn’t have the skills to take down Robin Hood. Robin Hood has his arrows which are definitely a huge asset in the field. One arrow can KO Domestic Longhair is it hits. The Domestic Longhair is fast, but in the end not fast enough. Robin Hood wins.

Robin Hood vs Air Bud

Robin Hood is back and this time he’s up against the legendary sports hero Air Bud! Air Bud has mastered nearly every sport there is and he knows how to pwn. Of course Robin Hood has a lot of arrows that he can fire to take down a variety of threats. In the end the projectiles save him. Robin Hood wins.

Gemini Saga vs Robin Hood

Gemini Saga has enough power to wipe out many characters instantly. Robin Hood has an arrow, but if he tried to use it on Gemini Saga it wouldn’t work. Gemini Saga could just dodge or block the arrow. Of course Gemini Saga could just blast through the arrow and take down Robin Hood. Gemini Saga wins.