King Jellyfish vs Giant Octopus

Suggested by Destroyer King Jellyfish is a tough creature from Spongebob that has his own water shield and can even fire off electric blast shockwaves. That’s honestly pretty good if you think about it. Giant Octopus absolutely has the edge in size and raw power but I don’t think that’ll be quite enough to win this round. King Jellyfish just has the more versatile attack options here and better defenses. How do you hope to keep up with a fighter like that? Giant Octopus will have to do a lot of thinking to try and get around this and while I don’t think that the fight is a stomp or anything like that, I think the victor is clear. King Jellyfish wins.

Giant Octopus vs Raptor

Suggested by Sonic Raptors are quite deadly, but size is definitely going to be an issue for them here. No matter how ferocious they are, there just isn’t much that they can do when the Giant Octopus is so much larger. It can just wrap around the Raptor and apply pressure to nullify its bite. The Raptor will deal some damage with the bite, but not enough to actually turn the tides of battle here. I’m afraid that the dinosaurs are not king of the food chain any longer. Giant Octopus wins.

Biollante vs Giant Octopus

The Giant Octopus is a pretty tricky fellow and I wouldn’t want to underestimate him. That being said, Biollante has the clear advantage when it comes down to a fight and her acid attack will take the Giant Octopus down for the count. The Octopus just doesn’t have any good long range attacks to fend the Kaiju off with. Biollante wins.

One Above All vs Giant Octopus

The One Above All is a being of nearly limitless power! One punch and he can probably destroy all of reality itself…or so he would have us think! Still, there’s no way that he can take down the Giant Octopus. Giant Octopus takes a nice win with this match and shows the blog his true power! Giant Octopus wins.

Giant Octopus vs Battra

Giant Octopus is a pretty fierce fighter, but in the end he just can’t win this round. He’s a bit out of his league in this round against Battra. Battra can shoot laser blasts that would take down Giant Octopus in the end. Giant Octopus was good, but Battra was better in the end. Battra wins.

Fanfic version below

Giant Octopus vs Lazerman

Giant Octopus is a beast who’s really big, but size isn’t everything. Of course if we do go that route Lazerman has giant dark cross fused form. With it he can level whole buildings with a single punch! Also one disruption beam from Lazerman and it’s all over for Giant Octopus. Lazerman wins.