Tournament Smashers Episode 29 Giant Octopus vs Bones

The next battle is here!

Bones was aboard the Starship Enterprise. Captain James T Kirk was sitting in the command chair. “Snap!” he yelled as he pressed the eject button by mistake. He was thrown off of his chair and banged a wall. Bones knew that Kirk wouldn’t be able to command for a while so he sat on the chair.

“This is Captain James T Bones, and I’m now your captain,” Bones said as he smirked. “Sir, a GIANT MONSTER is attacking the ship,” “Whoops,” Bones said as he remembered that they had parked the ship in the middle of a large ocean. A giant thud made Bones fall off of the ship.

“Thundering Typhoons!” Bones yelled as he grabbed a pitchfork and jumped out of the ship. The Starship Enterprise took the chance to fly away. “Come back,” Bones yelled as he threw the pitchfork at it. Suddenly the Giant Octopus appeared and grabbed Bones.

“Phasers on stun,” Bones said as he prepped his blaster. The Giant Octopus threw him back in the ocean. Bones started swimming for land, but the Giant Octopus blocked his way. “Phaser Blast!” Bones yelled as he shot a laser from his blaster. The Giant Octopus roared and fell back into the ocean.

Bones landed on an island. “What is this place?” Bones wondered as he looked around. The place looked more barren than a tropical rain forest! Bones grabbed some leaves and shaped them into a paper airplane. He launched it in the air in the hopes that someone would see it.

Someone did see it, but not someone that Bones had been hoping for. The Giant Octopus grabbed the paper airplane and crushed it. “You monster,” Bones yelled as he jumped on the Giant Octopus. The Giant Octopus tried to shake him off, but Bones was too quick. Bones threw in some good punches, but the Giant Octopus threw him off.

“You haven’t won yet,” Bones said as he set his Phaser to full power. The Giant Octopus knocked the phaser out of Bones’s hand and grabbed him. “I can’t move,” Bones said as he struggled to break free. The Giant Octopus had an iron grip and wouldn’t let go.

Bones reached for a grenade in his pocket. The Giant Octopus noticed and quickly threw Bones to the ground. The grenade exploded and Bones was knocked back into the water. “My phaser!” he yelled as he grabbed it. The Giant Octopus jumped towards Bones, but he was blasted into a mountain.

“This is the end of the road for you,” Bones said as he fired another blast. The Giant Octopus was blasted high into the sky. Bones “knew” that he would never see the monster again. Bones took out his communicator. “The beef has hit the TV,” he said as he waited for a response.

Meanwhile, the Giant Octopus landed in a volcano made out of water. “Next time, I will show the world my intense power!” The Giant Octopus yelled as he looked around. “Uh oh,” he said as a giant monster towered over him. Things may get messy!

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