King Jellyfish vs Punisher

This is a tribute to the Punisher. He did well in avenging his family and really making a name for himself as he took out members of the underworld. Ultimately he moved past vengeance and just went about trying to enact his own form of Justice. King Jellyfish isn’t fast enough to dodge Punisher’s attacks and isn’t durable enough to take them for long so he definitely goes down here. Punisher wins.

King Jellyfish vs Giant Octopus

Suggested by Destroyer King Jellyfish is a tough creature from Spongebob that has his own water shield and can even fire off electric blast shockwaves. That’s honestly pretty good if you think about it. Giant Octopus absolutely has the edge in size and raw power but I don’t think that’ll be quite enough to win this round. King Jellyfish just has the more versatile attack options here and better defenses. How do you hope to keep up with a fighter like that? Giant Octopus will have to do a lot of thinking to try and get around this and while I don’t think that the fight is a stomp or anything like that, I think the victor is clear. King Jellyfish wins.