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Meta Knight vs Punisher

Suggested by Destroyer Punisher returns one more time. This time he’s up against an old foe of Kirby’s. Meta Knight is pretty fast and skilled with a blade. That said, he’s still not quite a match for someone like the Punisher. Punisher’s fire blasts will keep Meta Knight at bay from the start and a good cosmic blast will finish the job. Meta Knight just can’t hope to stand up to the Punisher’s fierce attacks. This is where speed will win the day for the gunman. Punisher wins.

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Sailor Moon vs Punisher

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Moon is one of the ultimate glass cannons of anime. Her magical blasts can deal massive damage but in terms of defense she’s basically equivalent to that of a human or a slight meta human. The same can usually be said for Punisher but he’s obtained many power ups over the years. He has the speed needed to dodge Sailor Moon’s attacks which is critical and he only needs to land one true counter to win the match. I’m fully confident that he would land this counter. Punisher wins.

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Punisher vs Topman

Suggested by Destroyer Topman can spin a whole lot which makes him a pretty fun fighter. That being said, I don’t think he will be able to stop Punisher. Punisher has the Power Cosmic as well as the Ghost Rider abilities making him a formidable foe. He can easily shut down any attempt Topman makes to try and score some damage. Punisher is just on a completely different level in speed and power. Topman’s attacks are already limited as it is and that will become readily apparent as soon as Punisher launches his first attack. Punisher wins.

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Master Chief vs Punisher

Suggested by Destroyer Master Chief is a pretty good shot, but he’s not ready to take down Frank Castle. The Punisher has been through a lot over the years such as obtaining the Power Cosmic, becoming Ghost Rider, and even merging with the Symbiote. He’s far more powerful than the Master Chief could hope to reach at this point. No gun is going to be enough to take this guy out of commission and Chief’s armor can’t block cosmic level attacks. Punisher wins.

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Dante vs Punisher

Suggested by Anonymous The Punisher is a pretty tough guy and he did get the Ghost Rider power a while back so he won’t lose instantly here. He can probably give Dante some good burns and put up a good fight along the way. It just won’t be enough though as Dante can regenerate from anything Punisher throws at him and then some. Dante is faster and stronger than the Punisher thanks to his demon modes and that’s not a fight you can win. Dante wins.

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Guyver vs Punisher

Suggested by Anonymous Punisher has a gun which doesn’t sound too impressive at first, but he became the Ghost Rider at one point and I think he also got the Symbiote. He’ll put up a reasonable fight here, but Guyver still has the massive edge in firepower. That’s what’s going to set Punisher back. Guyver can fly at high speeds and fire off energy blasts. Punisher will have to stay on defense for a while and then he will eventually go down. Guyver wins.

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Punisher vs Katniss

This is a tribute to the Mockingjay Part 2 and the Avengers Confidential film. It works out perfectly since Katniss loses hers while Punisher is able to take his win. Simply put, Katniss looked terrible in the final Hunger Games film as she continues to under perform and showed me why I was never a fan of the character to begin with. On the opposite side of the spectrum was the Punisher, a villain who is actually relatable and has goals that I can sympathize with. One is an excellently crafted character while the other is poorly written and overrated. Guns also beat arrows while we’re on the subject. Punisher wins.

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Punisher vs Blob

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The Blob is pretty tough in his own right and it’s very tough to move him when he doesn’t want to be moved. That being said, The Punisher has attained the symbiote in the past and he was able to easily take down Spiderman. I know that we all don’t agree with the outcome, but it shows that his abilities are not to be trifled with. He’s a lot faster than the Blob and his hit and run strategy should really do the trick here. Punisher wins.

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Batman vs Punisher

I am sure that most fans have heard that Batman is lethal with prep time, but even they may underestimate his true potential. Batman is pretty good at hand to hand combat and he is superior in terms of intelligence. The Punisher has his guns, but Batman can easily disarm him and then crush the Punisher in a fist fight. Batman wins.

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Bonebreaker vs Punisher

Bonebreaker has a lot of equipment, but Punisher is a lot more agile. Not to mention that the Punisher also received extra powers gained from his bonding with the Venom symbiote at one point. Bonebreaker is strong, but he may have met his match in this round. The Punisher doesn’t go down so easily. Punisher wins.