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Little Mac vs Master Chief

Suggested by Destroyer Little Mac is a good boxer and someone who can definitely hold his own in a fight. That being said, Master Chief has the overwhelming advantage in this fight. Mac isn’t a long range fighter, he needs Chief to get in close in order to deal any damage. That’s a huge weakness because all Master Chief has to do in order to claim victory…is not to approach. So long as he does that there really isn’t anything that Little Mac can do to win. His options are severely limited. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Predaking

Suggested by Random Master Chief is a pretty tough guy who has saved the world many times over. He is certainly not the kind of opponent who will lower his guard or slip up when the going gets tough. That being said, Predaking is just the tougher foe here. He completely outranks Master Chief so it doesn’t matter how many shots the Chief can fire, they won’t deal enough damage. Predaking’s attacks will also be lethal when they hit and they cover a large radius. Predaking wins.

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Sauron (LOTR) vs Master Chief

Suggested by iKnowledge Sauron got a lot of hype in the Lord of the Rings but never really managed to live up to it. He was defeated by a single stab after all which I’ve never let his fans forget. Master Chief may not use swords much but he has a large array of high tech guns. A single blast from half of those could finish Sauron off. Alternately, Master Chief could just mess him up in hand to hand combat. Sauron is far too slow to stop this either way. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Dracula

Dracula is a powerful opponent and he has some decent speed and super strength at his disposal. That being said, he is just too slow to take down the Chief and he’ll have to be satisfied with a loss for now. He just wasn’t ready to fight such an experienced warrior and one could tell right away from Master Chief’s confident stance. Master Chief wins.

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Steve Trevor vs Master Chief

This may have looked like an easy win for the Chief at first, but I’m afraid that things aren’t always as they appear to be. Steve Trevor once got a power up which gave him abilities that were about on par with Wonder Woman’s when his dream was turned into reality by harvesting spirits and ectoplasm and creating Captain Wonder…or something like that. Either way, Master Chief can’t hope to keep up with him anymore. Steve Trevor wins.

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U.S. Agent vs Master Chief

The U.S. Agent is a pretty tough guy and he’s fought with the likes of Spiderman in the past! That’s not a bad feat, but it won’t be enough to defeat Master Chief. They’re both amped up humans who have several means of offense, but Master Chief is the better warrior in this battle. He has a lot of weapons at his disposal and one good energy blast should finish things. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Olimar

Master Chief is back once again and he’s up against Olimar! Olimar is pretty resourceful when he needs to be, but he’s up against an experienced veteran who is used to fighting entire armies. Olimar won’t really be able to keep up and Master Chief can just throw a bunch of grenades at him. Master Chief wins.

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Sherlock Holmes vs Master Chief

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t stand a chance against Master Chief’s superior weaponry and he will go down in the end. Master Chief has his Mjolnir armor at the ready which can deal some pretty intense damage and he is a lot quicker than Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes will lose this round, but at least he gave it his all. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Polar Bear

Master Chief is a pretty powerful guy and his armor will definitely protect him from anything that a Polar Bear can dish out. The Polar Bear hasn’t been doing too well on the blog and this match definitely won’t help his record as he takes a tough loss. Master Chief rises up the blog ranks with this win. Master Chief wins.

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Master Chief vs Goomba

Goombas are nice little creatures who excel at winning and rising up the blog ranks when the need arises. Unfortunately for him, Master Chief is no pushover and he’ll be taking a win with this round. Goombas are resourceful and skilled, but not skilled enough to defeat a guy carrying a machine gun! Master Chief wins.