Sherlock Holmes vs Ricky Ricardo

This is a tribute to Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Holmes may not have appeared a whole ton but when he did show up he got the job done. He was able to stay one step ahead of the other characters. Ricky is a nice guy but he’s not really known as a fighter. Holmes can fight surprisingly well for a genius too so he should be able to quickly take Ricky down with either his sword or his gun. Even in a fist fight to be honest. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Dick Tracy vs Sherlock Holmes

Suggested by Destroyer Dick Tracy and Sherlock Holmes are both detectives who excel at cracking cases. If this were a battle of wits then I have no doubt that Sherlock Holmes would prevail. He simply has more experience and has solved more difficult cases. That said, Dick Tracy is definitely more experienced with having to get physical with his opponents. Holmes has proven that he is certainly more than willing to fight when the need arises, but in the end he’s not going to be as good a shot as Tracy. Gun skills are what will prevail here. Dick Tracy wins.

Otto Ratburn vs Sherlock Holmes

This is a tribute to the final Holmes film of this era. Holmes definitely ended on a high note even if he barely escaped with his life in tact. Otto is a tough guy so he shouldn’t be underestimated but I do think that Holmes has the expertise to defeat such an opponent without even harming him. Now that is a pretty good level of determination I must admit. Maybe Otto will return at some point but until then he is doomed to stay in the 0-1 spot. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Mr Ratburn vs Sherlock Holmes

This is a tribute to the second last Sherlock Holmes film in the Rathbone series. Holmes is a very consistent character who is always on point so it’s easy to see why he has been on such a winning streak. I do like Ratburn a lot so it’s a shame to see him drop down like this, but there is no way he could hope to fight off Holmes. Holmes has a gun so one shot will win the match. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Dipsy

This is a tribute to the latest Sherlock Holmes film that I’ve seen. Holmes proved that even when he is on a boat he is a dangerous opponent to mess with. Dipsy never showed quite the same level of intelligence during the Telletubbies TV show so I don’t think Holmes will have much of a problem in this battle of wits. Even if he does, Holmes has some decent hand to hand skills at the ready to back him up so the detective shall be fine. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Laa Laa

This is a tribute to The Woman in Green. Sherlock Holmes looked pretty good as always and resisted the powers of Hypnosis. I wonder if Laa Laa would also be able to pull off such a feat although I remain skeptical. Laa Laa isn’t really much of a fighter if I’m being honest here so there’s no way Holmes won’t win this round. He has a sword and a gun at the ready, what more can you ask for? Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Barry William Cox

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2
This is a tribute to the latest Sherlock Holmes film. While he may have actually been outsmarted for once, Holmes did a good job of staying in the game until the very end. Barry wouldn’t have gotten quite so close in this case. While Barry would probably win a hand to hand fight, Holmes always has his gun at the ready. Barry won’t be able to close the gap in time and just can’t hope to win this fight. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Catherine Frensky

This is a tribute to the 9th Sherlock Holmes film. It’s time for his final fight for a bit as he tangles with Catherine this time. Catherine Frensky is a pretty good ice skater and she’s certainly a tough fighter who simply won’t go down very easily. All that being said, I don’t think she is quite ready to handle someone like Sherlock Holmes this time around. He’s just a little tougher than she is and has more attack options up his sleeve. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Binky

maxresdefault (21)
This is a tribute to the 5th Sherlock Holmes film. Sherlock may not always come out on top when up against some of the smarter villains, but he does tend to put up a good fight. You can’t win em all of course so as long as you come out on top in the end then it evens out. Binky is a tough kid and he can launch a mean punch, but it just won’t be enough this time. Sherlock Holmes is simply too good. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Sherlock Holmes vs Larry Appleton

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2

This is a tribute to the 6th Sherlock Holmes film. Larry is a tough customer. He may not be much of a fighter but that doesn’t stop him from always being ready to enter the fray. Still, he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat a foe like Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is always ready for any contingency and that includes a man as unpredictable as Larry. A quick gun shot should scare Larry into surrendering. Sherlock Holmes wins.