Sherlock Holmes vs Larry Appleton

Sherlock Holmes Basil Rathbone baskervilles 2

This is a tribute to the 6th Sherlock Holmes film. Larry is a tough customer. He may not be much of a fighter but that doesn’t stop him from always being ready to enter the fray. Still, he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat a foe like Sherlock Holmes. Holmes is always ready for any contingency and that includes a man as unpredictable as Larry. A quick gun shot should scare Larry into surrendering. Sherlock Holmes wins.

Haruo Sakaki vs Larry Appleton

This is a tribute to the Godzilla anime film. Sakaki was a pretty solid main character. Unlike many characters who strive for vengeance, Sakaki still took the time to think up a good plan of attack in advance. Larry can’t really fight that well so Sakaki would beat him in hand to hand combat and the soldier would also have his gun if necessary. A mere civilian simply can’t hope to take him down. Haruo Sakaki wins.

Roland Deschain vs Larry Appleton


This is a tribute to The Dark Tower. Roland may not have been all that great at his job, but he still looked reasonably good. At the very least, he did a good job of surviving all these years and stopping any threats that impeded his path to vengeance. I don’t think Larry Appleton could have lasted quite as long and I get the feeling that he would have thrown in the towel years ago. He just doesn’t have the strength of will that Roland has and no formal combat experience either. Roland Deschain wins.

Larry Appleton vs Fred

This is a tribute to the Scooby Doo Beach Bash film. Fred is a guy who has been around the block. He has solved more cases than most and is a natural born leader as well. He really stole the show at the bash and I dare say that I expected no less. He can throw a punch when he has to and the guy is rather athletic as well. I think he would have no trouble teaching Larry a thing or two and Fred could even break out the net if necessary. Fred wins.

Larry Appleton vs Nemo

Suggested by Destroyer I like Nemo as much as the next guy but what is a fish going to do against a grown guy? Larry can throw a quick punch and then it is all over for Nemo. You can’t swim away from a big punch after all. Even if the fight takes place at an ocean with a single rocking chair, Nemo can’t hope to deal any damage. It’ll just be game over. Larry Appleton wins.

Sonic vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anonymous Looks like it’s time for Larry Appleton to return to the stage. He may not have done very well in the past but you still can’t count him out. However, the match will be over in an instant anyway. Sonic is way too fast for Appleton and he can just use a homing attack to take the guy down. Larry won’t be able to react to it in time and he will be down for the count. So much for Larry! Sonic wins

Zamasu vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anon Larry?…Larry Appleton! He may be able to hold his own TV show but I don’t think that will be enough to stop Zamasu. Zamasu can shoot energy blasts and can even transform into a Super Saiyan. That means he can fly from New York to Paris in an instant which is actually pretty impressive. Larry would have to rely on the MTA for that and it would never make it to Paris. Zamasu wins.

One Above All vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anon Is that you Larry? That’s what you may be thinking here since Larry has been defeated more times than I can count. He just hasn’t shown that he can keep up with the big kids when the going got tough. That being said TOAA doesn’t have a very good track record either. This round is going to be a little controversial but I think Larry snags the win here. Let’s face it, at least Larry can throw a good punch and run around a lot. I can’t say the same for TOAA because he has never really fought before. He is an unknown variable. Larry Appleton wins.

Batman vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Anonymous This also serves as a tribute to Lego Justice League Cosmic Clash. Batman stole the show once again with all of his witty one liners and the rest of the cast simply couldn’t keep up with him. Batman saved the day over and over again as many times as was necessary. I don’t think Larry would have lasted long in the same situation and he simply doesn’t have Batman’s experience or hand to hand combat. Batman would take him out as easily as he takes out the average thug, maybe even easier. Batman wins.

Tank (Left 4 Dead) vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Jimmy Larry Appleton has returned once again, but things still aren’t looking very good for him. I’m sure that he’s probably a likable character, but that doesn’t translate very well into actual combat. I’m a little doubtful about whether or not he can really do much against a superhuman zombie. Most likely, the Tank will have ended this fight as quickly as it started. Maybe Larry will be able to win one of his final fights as his array of requested matches has nearly finished. Tank (Left 4 Dead) wins.