Segata Sanshiro vs Fred

Suggested by Adrogoz Segata Sanshiro is back and now he’s up against Fred. Fred showed some decent hand to hand skills in the Cyber Chase film, but Segata would easily defeat him. Fred wouldn’t be able to see through his clones in time to block the real hits. There is a big difference between a martial arts master and someone who only knows the bare fundamentals of the sport. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Nami vs Fred

maxresdefault (15)
Suggested by Adrogoz Fred is an expert at trapping ghosts so trapping people should be similar right? Well I don’t think it will be quite as easy as all that since Nami’s weather rod can easily break any old net that is thrown over her. Fred has some decent fighting moves but it’s nothing that Nami can’t handle. It will be a fairly easy win for her. Nami wins.

Mikaela vs Fred

Suggested by Dylan Hooton Mikaela is a powerful vampire and definitely not someone to be taken lightly. His speed is at a much higher level than Fred’s and he also has better attack power. A quick slice would be enough to claim victory here and not even Fred’s basic swordsmanship would be enough to buy him some time. It’s just rough when a human has to go up against a meta human like Mikaela. Mikaela wins.

Larry Appleton vs Fred

This is a tribute to the Scooby Doo Beach Bash film. Fred is a guy who has been around the block. He has solved more cases than most and is a natural born leader as well. He really stole the show at the bash and I dare say that I expected no less. He can throw a punch when he has to and the guy is rather athletic as well. I think he would have no trouble teaching Larry a thing or two and Fred could even break out the net if necessary. Fred wins.

Lampshade Spider vs Fred

This is a tribute to the Beach special. Fred showed the world that he wasn’t crazy, they were. Surpassing the rest of the cast like that and still being able to capture the villain shows just how valuable and important Fred is. You don’t want to count this capable leader out of any fight and the Lampshade Spider is outmatched here. One good punch will result in his loss. Fred wins.

Fred Flintstone vs Fred

Fred Flintstone is technically superior to Fred in physical strength since he can easily lift his club as he swings it around, but he’s not a great fighter. He’s not used to having to deal with an opponent to can fight back. Fred is a natural leader and he knows a thing or two about fighting. I see him winning this round with his agility and determination. Fred wins.

Fred vs Batman

Batman Fred
Fred is a natural leader, but that doesn’t mean that he can stop Batman. Batman has his GL Power Ring and that gives him a good edge in this fight. Fred’s nets wont be enough to take Batman down. Batman won’t even need his prep time in this match since he is a better tactician than Fred. Batman wins.

Biollante vs Fred

Biollante is back once again and now she’s up against Fred Jones. Fred may not seem like the strongest fighter out there, but he’s definitely as powerful as they come. Biollante will have a hard time trying to match up to him in a mystery, but she has the clear edge when it comes to a battle. Fred will drop down the ranks as he loses this round. Biollante wins.

Fred vs Nemo

Nemo is back, but I’m afraid that this will be a tough battle for him. Fred and Nemo have never won a single match on the blog, but that’s about to change in this round! Fred is a pretty good detective and he does know how to fight when he needs too. Fred knows how to throw a solid punch and one hit would be enough to stop Nemo. Nemo drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least Fred has finally taken a win! Fred wins.

Hirudegarn vs Fred

Fred is also a pretty good leader and he knows the score when he has too. Hirudegarn has the ability to shoot impressive laser blasts that were even able to damage Goku. Fred has a pretty good van, but in the end it just won’t be enough to take down someone like Hirudegarn. Hirudegarn wins.