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Segata Sanshiro vs Kimimaro

Segata Sanshiro is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and he even has some energy abilities to back him up. He is skilled as you can probably guess from his record. Still, Kimimaro is just a lot more powerful. He’s a ninja whose abilities transcend that of most mortals. His strength and speed are just unreal and Segata will quickly start to get overwhelmed. He won’t be able to keep his proper form during the stress of this match and that’s when Kimimaro will finish him off. Kimimaro wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Condiment King

Suggested by Adrogoz It looks like it is time for the Condiment King to stage a comeback. He is definitely one of those villains who never gives up but sometimes that isn’t enough. Segata is a master martial artist and so it will be easy for him to dodge he mustard. The Condiment King may also have ketchup, but it won’t save him from a punch to the noggin. Segata Sanshiro wins.

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Dario Brando vs Segata Sanshiro

Suggested by Adrogoz Dario Brando is back once again, but now he is up against one of the martial art champs! Segata isn’t the kind of guy who will pull his punches and it’s safe to say that he is considerably more powerful than Dario. He would be able to defeat the guy with a single punch and that’s before he gets serious. That’s the difference in their abilities. Segata Sanshiro wins.

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Arm-Fall-Off Boy vs Segata Sanshiro
Suggested by Adrogoz Arm-Fall-Off Boy returns once more, but I’m afraid that he won’t do any better this time around. Segata has way better hand to hand skills up his sleeve and is just a professional. This kid never really learned how to fight and simply being able to detach arms to fight won’t really help much to change that. Segata Sanshiro wins.

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Chief Wiggum vs Segata Sanshiro

Suggested by Adrogoz Wiggum is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t fare so well against a man like Segata. Segata is a master at hand to hand combat and is a lot quicker than the Chief. Wiggum will still be reaching for his donuts when Segata is pounding him into the ground. This just isn’t a very even match and should be over in the blink of an eye. Segata Sanshiro wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Vegeta

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Segata Sanshiro has been on a roll lately. He’s achieved almost 10 wins and had yet to take a loss. As intense as the character is this could not go on forever. Vegeta has the powers of a Super Saiyan and can destroy whole planets in an instant. Segata doesn’t have the kind of power needed to counter such attacks and he will quickly find himself on the losing side of this match. He’s just not on the same level. Vegeta wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Dipsy

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Suggested by Adrogoz Segata Sanshiro is a skilled martial artist so it’s no surprise that he can take down Dipsy. Dipsy is a nice character and all, but at the end of the day a Telletubby just isn’t much of a fighter. There isn’t anything Dipsy can do to land any damage here so the fight is effectively over as soon as it has begun. Segata Sanshiro wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Tinky Winky

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Suggested by Adrogoz Tinky Winky is another intense Telletubby but I don’t see how this would be a close fight without a massive power up. Segata is considerably faster than Tinky and his attacks hit a lot harder as well. Any resistance put up against him will be futile as he dashes to victory. Segata has had a pretty good start so far. Segata wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Laa Laa

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Suggested by Adrogoz Laa Laa probably has the coolest name out of all the Teletubbies. That being said she still won’t be able to go far here. Segata’s clones will keep her busy while his real body lands a sneak attack. It’ll pretty much be game over at that point since one hit should do the job. Segata wins.

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Segata Sanshiro vs Arthur

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Suggested by Adrogoz Arthur is a nice kid and I definitely don’t think that he will go down very easily. That being said, Segata is too skilled at hand to hand combat to lose this fight. Arthur wouldn’t even understand what was happening before the match was over. This just isn’t his moment. Segata Sanshiro wins.