Segata Sanshiro vs Condiment King

Suggested by Adrogoz It looks like it is time for the Condiment King to stage a comeback. He is definitely one of those villains who never gives up but sometimes that isn’t enough. Segata is a master martial artist and so it will be easy for him to dodge he mustard. The Condiment King may also have ketchup, but it won’t save him from a punch to the noggin. Segata Sanshiro wins.

Condiment King vs Nami

Suggested by Adrogoz The Condiment King may be treated as a bit of a joke in most of the comics that he is in, but this guy doesn’t play around. He has some powerful nerve gas at his disposal and ketchup for days. It won’t be enough to overcome Nami’s lightning blasts though. Her staff can produce many different weather abilities and they are all trouble for this King. Nami wins.

Condiment King vs Batman

The Condiment King makes his blog debut and he’s up against the legendary Batman. Batman has a lot of gadgets at his side and his hand to hand skills are pretty high tier. The Condiment King may have thought of himself as a tough fighter, but in the end he won’t be able to win this round. Batman wins.