Spinosaurus vs T Rex

Spinosaurus is a tough dinosaur, but T Rex may be the strongest. T Rex doesn’t go down. As seen in most of the movies. No one can beat him. Spinosaurus is definitely a tough opponent too and if it were most other dinos might have won. T Rex wins.

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311 thoughts on “Spinosaurus vs T Rex

  1. Jurassic Park is a MOVIE!!!! It’s not real! Spinosaurus is weakest then the T-Rex, and its bite force is lower too. T-rex wins.

  2. spinosaurus is huge Im voting for him he is the ulimate predator! so what if other people say he has weak jaws. Watch spinosaurus killing style on youtube that video shows that he is related to the croc and like crocs have very strong jaws. spino is 18 m long and over T is only 12.8 m long spino can be 7 m tall and trex is only 5 to 6.5 m tall so spiney is crusher!

  3. spino also may have hunted in small packs 3 spinos would kill rex easily also he has more weapons than t a good smack in the face would kill T

  4. trex is soooo not a match for spinosaurs he has huge teeth built to hold on to prey and thrash it around. Spino could try that with T.rex neck and possibly if strong enough lift t off the ground and throw him around untill it can no longer hold it and drop it on the ground dead. as I said in my last reply spino may have hunted n packs one could hold on to each part of trex body and pull tearing him apart and also like jp3 it could crush t;s neck with its jaw.

    • This is a one on one fight so the Spino gets no help. Also T Rex isn’t just going to stand there as Spino tries to throw him. T Rex would give him a fatal bite and end it right there.

      • look im tired of saying this but spinosaurus is only not considered the largest because of only being more lightly built than trex and is faster so he could lunge at trex at top speed biting and swiping until t drops

  5. spino is a killer. this is the 4th time im leaving a reply to show you how powerful he is watch monsters resurected and see the truth

    • I’m glad you like Spino so much, though if you really want to help him then request a fight. Like Spino vs Polar Bear or something. And while Spino is dangerous he has no chance against T Rex, The King of Dinosaurs.

      • You can’t watch it, but if you request that fight I’ll put it up on the blog here like Spinosaurus vs T Rex. I do any battles from Dinos to DBZ characters. You request it and I’ll upload it!

      • ….You got T Rex right…as for god of the dinos that’ll go to……Grimlock (Only because I can’t think of an anime character who is a dinosaur who is stronger)

  6. s is the best! watch spinosaurus and carcharodontosaurus vs trex yeah so what if spino has a partner and it isnt a very epic fight but it still shows how powerful spino is.

      • really spiney would take t down fast all that happens is spino bites him then carcharodontosaurus bites him that means that spinosaurus and carcharodontosaurus are killers

    • Size doesn’t decide the match…..Skill does! Spino is a tough adversary, but in the end T Rex is just stronger and will win. Why not give Spino a request fight so he could get more wins.

      Don’t forget to advertise the blog

    • Don’t let the power of the T Rex overwhelm you. While he’s the storngest Dino around he’s still no Goku. Thanks for helping this fight get the most comments.

      Don’t forget to advertise the blog

      • That is a good question…..see I’ve been trying to advertise it for months. There are ways to advertise by putting ads and stuff, but they cost money. A free way is going to dubhappy and talking about it in the chats. Though the members don’t like it if you talk too much.

        The best way is probably telling your friends about your blog. Then they’ll visit and tell their friends and the cycle will continue forever…hopefully

    • What do you mean?

      If you’re asking why there are so many votes…well maybe the blog is that good 🙂 for me the more votes the better.

      Or if you’re asking how to vote faster just click back to poll after voting

    • I actually don’t know many dinosaurs, but from the ones I do know Spino is definitely up there. He’s one of the top dinosaurs. I can’t give an exact ranking, but definitely top 5

      • okay then how many do you really know i know at least 100 here are some just in case you dont know them 1majungasaurus2sauroposiedon3rajasaurus4eoraptor5majungatholus6sauranithaodies7deltadromeus8megaraptor9jobaria10kentrosaurus bye

      • Maybe 5-12 Dinos. Off the top of my head I know

        Spinosaurus (Of course)
        T Rex 🙂
        Pteradactyl (Sorry if I mispelled it)

  7. okay then why dont you do spiny vs polar bear? any way how did you upload them did you just do requests or did you do your own?

      • i wouldnt really say that cause they are different sizes spino has a huge claw that would smack trex out of his life and trex has thoes huge bacteria filled jaws oh and i watched jp3 again and noticed that trex would hav won that battle if spino didnt grap trex by the neck and turned his head crack trexes throat SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Well at least T Rex almost won, though if you think about it. There’s an almost in nearly every fight. In the end it’s who wins that matters and while Spino won in the film I still don’t think he wins in the end

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      • Just click on DReager1’s blog at the top. It should take you to my latest articles. Your request will be one of them. That’s why I recomend you follow the blog. All you have to do is put your email inside the box that is somewhere. I mean you already put it in to comment so why not?

      • Well I do have video games to play and TV to watch. Of course I still try to reply as fast as I can. It helps the blog’s reputation

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  12. actually, Look at this.
    has better attack strengh
    it is like a raptor, attacks with strategic moves
    it has very useful camoflouge
    it is bigger then a T-Rex

    It’s long mouth is not meant for biting many times, so it needs to make one, critical, deadly bite, which could take awhile.
    its skinny and it is not as heavy as a T-Rex.
    it is not as fast as a T-Rex.
    Huge head, and tail for maximum damage when tackling/ramming.
    Its compact head & mouth lets it control how fast it wants to bite, and how strong, and where.
    Very sturdy and heavy. Like a tank W/ Teeth.

    it cannot kill a Spino. with a single bite. it will injure it, but not kill.
    no camoflouge so the Spino. gets the first attack.
    Reflexes are not as prepared as a Spino.
    It’s arms are smaller then a Spino.’s making them completely useless.
    ((cool fact!)) a T-Rex is absolutely Deaf. it relies on sent and sight.
    So according to these stats, it is basically a Tank (t-Rex) vs a Helicopter (Spinosaurous)
    except a Spino. cant fly… well you get the idea 😛
    who would win now?? 😛

    • Those are cool facts. This battle is definitely one of my closest fights. It’s like having a Dog fight a Wolf. These 2 characters both have disadvantages and advantages. though I’d pick a Tank to beat a Hellicopter 😛

      I’m still leaning on the T Rex because his weight advantage and tackling abilities. I do agree this match is extremely close and since the followers seem to like it I’ve done other Dino matches. You should check em out. 🙂

      I’m assuming you’re leaning towards Spino on this?

      Also you sure T Rex’s are Deaf? Never heard that before.

  13. Hello. Even though I prefer the Spinosaurus I would like to state that no one could be completely certain who would win the T Rex or the Spinosaurus. Well not unless they were still alive and people got to study them and actually seen them in a fight.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely speculation, but that’s half the fun of a debating site. Debating about who would win, Mario vs Sonic, Godzilla vs Wreck It Ralph, Bass vs Everyone….it’s just fun 😀 This is definitely one of the longest debates I’ve had on the site

  14. I did research and there is so much evidence and facts but there is actually so little informatio that it really is hard to determine who would win. Most think that Spinosaurus probably ate fish but if it wanted and tried hard enough he could win, especially because of him bieng the largest carnivore ever.But still you really cant count out the Mighty Tyranosaurus Rex right?

    • True, they’re just both really powerful dinosaurs and are about evenly matched. Picking one is definitely tough to be sure! It’ll always be a big debate all right, but I’m still leaning towards the T Rex

    • Well Spinosaurus did win in the movie I’ll give you that, but I think T Rex should have won. He’s always struck me as more of a fighter and an incredibly dangerous dinosaur

      • The Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus is just a ridiculously OP version that bears little in common with the real thing. Fiction movies aren’t a reliable source people!

      • Yes, JP took a lot of liberties with the Spino. This debate was certainly a blast back in the day, but when I saw the film I was a little disappointed with the outcome.

  15. The king of Early-Late Cretaceous North Africa vs the king of Late Cretaceous North America. Spinosaurus surely was larger but it mostly ate fish and crocodiles so it’s doubtful that it knew how to deal with other fierce dinosaurs that aren’t that behind in size. Tyrannosaurus by contrast, dealt with roughly equally sized and dangerous dinosaurs every day of the week. I say Tyrannosaurus.

  16. To play devil’s advocate I feel the Spinosaurus does have a chance at winning. The size advantage of 13 tonnes as opposed to 6.8 tonnes is pretty significant and if the Spinosaurus bites the neck or uses its long claws to slash the tyrannosaurs’ throat, that would be fatal. Still, it’s not as if the Spinosaurus will be any less vulnerable to a bite to the neck and Tyrannosaurus is used to fighting creatures larger than itself.

    • True, in this case size actually is a big factor since it translates into strength as well. I feel like one good hit from either party would be enough to end the fight, but it would probably be a struggle to get that hit. The T-Rex is nimble though, which should help him dodge for as long as he needs too.

  17. OK…the Spinosaurus redesign in 2014 officially makes this another impossible fight. Spinosaurus wins in water and Tyrannosaurus wins on land.

    • To an extent I’d say that both designs are still valid through composite. At least because the Spinosaurus has appeared in films with the old design.

  18. Hey dude, I don’t think you’ll read this, but I came back here after about 6 years after remembering this post and how much I commented. I’m looking back at this and cringing at myself xD. Nice blog dude.

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