Status Quo vs Spinosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer The Status Quo is a tough guy or at least he talks a tough game. That being said, he is ultimately just a normal person. There isn’t a whole lot he can do against a full dinosaur. Spinosaurus would be able to just squash this guy flat like it’s nobody’s business. Status Quo has no true answer around such a predicament so he will definitely go down here. No human is beating a dinosaur in a straight fight without some kind of advantage. Spinosaurus wins.

Spinosaurus vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Howard may be a tough guy who knows how to fire a gun but that doesn’t mean that he is ready to fight off all challengers. The Spinosaurus would very quickly be able to ram into the guy and that would end the match. Howard just isn’t ready for such a massive opponent. The Spinosaurus will barely even notice the poor guy. Spinosaurus wins.

Crowley Eusford vs Spinosaurus

Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Spinosaurus is definitely a strong dino. He was even able to overpower the T Rex back in the day. Still, he will need more than that against an opponent like Crowley. Crowley is too fast to be hit by any of Spiny’s attacks. That definitely makes this fight impossible to lose and that’s considering that I don’t believe we’ve seen Crowley’s full power yet. Crowley wins.

Spinosaurus vs Mikaela

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Suggested by Dylan Hooton The Spinosaurus is one of the strongest dinosaurs known to man. It’s size is already quite intense and that’s not even taking into account that it has a mean bite. Despite this, I’m afraid that it doesn’t really stand a chance against someone like Mikaela. Mikaela has super speed and his attacks have quite a bit of force behind them. A few seconds is all the vampire would need to win this fight. Mikaela wins.

Spinosaurus vs Bass

Suggested by Blake Spinosaurus is a pretty powerful dinosaur. His wrath is matched only by his size and defense. That being said he is no match against the immense speed that Bass possesses. He can be in and out of the solar system in an instant and the Spinosaurus won’t even be able to see him coming. One hit will also be enough to take the Spinosaurus down. He is a cool dinosaur but that isn’t enough to win. Bass wins.

Spinosaurus vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Elecman has returned and now he is up against everyone’s favorite Spinosaurus. The Dino is very tough and could be one of the all time greats in his species. That being said, he has no way to defend against Elecman’s attacks. He can’t dodge them and he certainly cannot endure them. It’s a losing battle right from the start. 2 wins in a row is pretty good, but Elecman’s next opponent is going to try and split his confidence. Prepare for an intense fight. Elecman wins.

Spinosaurus vs Road Runner

Road runner is a very fast little guy and some would probably call him the most likable speedster. Speed can only get you so far though and he is lucky to have acquired a sword during his travels or the Spinosaurus would have won, simply because of his defense. The sword helps to negate that factor as solid steel can definitely pierce the beast. Road Runner wins.

Spinosaurus vs Hadrosaurus

Hadrosaurus makes his debut into the blog. Sadly for him he’s fighting one of the strongest Dinos around. Spinosaurus has been getting wins lately. Spinosaurus takes this match because he’s stronger than Hadrosaurus. Hadrosaurus wouldn’t be able to stop Spinosaurus. Maybe Hadrosaurus will be back someday. Spinosaurus wins.

Spinosaurus vs Raptor

Spinosaurus is back once again. Raptor may be a quick fighter, but he lacks the destructive power of the Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus gets another win and moves even higher up the blog charts. He’s been racking up the wins pretty fast as of late, but may finally slow down after this match. Spinosaurus wins.

Jigsaw Jones vs Spinosaurus

Jigsaw Jones is a detective with skills that are so good they can be feared. Of course in terms of fighting ability he’s not quite as good as Spinosaurus. Spinosaurus is a dinosaur of incredible power and can defeat many opponents. Spinosaurus has been on a roll for a while. Spinosaurus wins.