Gigan vs Stegosaurus

Suggested by Destroyer A Stegosaurus is a pretty intimidating animal. I dare say that it could defeat almost any current animal living on Earth, maybe even all of them. That being said, Gigan isn’t just any ole creature, he’s a full blown Kaiju. What are you going to do against that level of power? Gigan can teleport to dodge all of Stegosaurus’s attacks and just win from afar with his lasers. This plan is 100% foolproof. Gigan wins.

Stegosaurus vs Crazy Bus

Well The Crazy Bus is fighting truly powerful opponent now. Stegosaurus has crushed many dinos back in his day. The Crazy Bus will just be another victim in his list. Stegosaurus is just too powerful to be defeated in this round. Sorry, but it’s the way it goes for Crazy Bus. Maybe he’ll be back one of these days. Stegosaurus wins.