Marshmallow Man vs Vineman

Suggested by Sonic The Marshmallow Man is definitely someone that you could quickly learn to fear because of how scary and formidable he is. The guy just doesn’t back down and he’s got the size advantage on Vineman. It won’t be enough to overcome Vineman’s darkness though and his thorn abilities would quickly eat away at this giant’s defense. Vineman is also quick enough to dodge all of this guy’s attacks so he’ll get a comfortable win. Vineman wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Frosty The Snowman

 Suggested by Destroyer It’s time for a fight of Titans. While the Marshmallow Man is huge in terms of size, Frosty is huge as an icon. He is a jolly guy who has some reasonable durability until it gets warmer outside. Still, I think his charm won’t be enough to save him in this round. A single hit would likely shatter the poor guy. I don’t see how he would be able to dodge any attacks so that’s why I think he is basically doomed in this round. Marshmallow Man wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Jigsaw Jones

Suggested by Destroyer The Marshmallow Man is pretty underrated in the giant monster community. He has a pretty good amount of attack power at his disposal and his size isn’t half bad either. Fighting him is futile for good old Jigsaw Jones as he doesn’t even have a chance of winning. It’s unfortunate, but I’m afraid it’s the truth. Marshmallow Man wins.

Marshmallow Man vs One Above All

The Marshmallow Man is definitely someone who shouldn’t be underestimated no matter what the reason! One punch from him would definitely deal some massive damage to the One Above All. The One Above All may be a being of cosmic proportions, but in the end that won’t be enough to defeat such a powerful opponent. Marshmallow Man wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Godzilla

The Marshmallow Man is back and this time he’s up against good ole Godzilla! Godzilla is the King of the Monsters and with his incredible size and power it would be surprising if The Marshmallow Man could get in any decent shots. Godzilla takes this win all the way home! Godzilla wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Zilla

The Marshmallow Man is back and I dare say that he’s back to pwn! Still, he can’t really beat Zilla. Zilla’s just too fast and his powers are pretty impressive! With a single chomp, he can do some pretty intense damage! Yeah..beating him is something that’s tough to do. Zilla wins.

Marshmallow Man vs Bass

Marshmallow Man is here in his blog debut. Of course he has to be broken in by the blog’s top fighter. Bass, The Terror of the Universe! Marshmallow Man may be big, but one Earth Breaker and it’s all over for him. Marshmallow Man just didn’t have what it takes to win this match. He loses his debut match, but maybe he’ll be back. Bass wins.