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Polly Pocket vs Coraline

Polly Pocket is back and now she’s up against Coraline! Coraline may be small, but she’s nimble and she’s also very smart. One good punch from Coraline should end things in an instant and also put Polly Pocket in her place. In theory….that is how it would work. Still, Polly Pocket seems to have the fighting advantage and she could likely block Coraline’s attacks until she wins. Polly Pocket wins.

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Hello Kitty vs Coraline

Hello Kitty is back after being gone from the blog for a very long time! She may look like an easy opponent for Coraline at first, but she appeared on the Gamecube. This meant instant doom for Coraline since Hello Kitty has access to her signature hammer and thunder bombs. Coraline won’t be able to overcome such power and now I have a new video game to add to my list! Hello Kitty wins.

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Kelly vs Coraline

Kelly has arrived on the blog and she’s ready for a win! Unfortunately for her fans…I don’t think that this is a battle where victory is an option. At this point, Coraline is just too powerful and while they are close in age, Coraline still has the edge. She’s the type of opponent that you don’t want to have to face! Coraline wins.

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Nancy Drew vs Coraline

Nancy Drew is a pretty tough detective and I’m pretty sure that she can hold her own against Coraline. Coraline is definitely a powerful opponent, but she won’t be able to defeat Nancy. Nancy is better at hand to hand combat and she seems to be stronger than Coraline. Coraline will have to start off with a loss! Nancy Drew wins.