Krang vs Kup

Suggested by Sonic The fact that Krang apparently murdered the Anti Monitor in one continuity makes me chuckle a bit at just how crazy that is. Still, however he managed to do it that’s not a bad feat. In general Krang’s suits are usually quite impressive with a lot of energy attacks up his arsenal and heightened defense. Kup is an Autobot but an older one. Even in his best incarnations he’s only a decent fighter and doesn’t have the high ceiling that Krang possesses. Krang’s attack power is just too high to lose. Krang wins.

Overlord vs Kup

Overlord and Kup both make their blog debuts! Of course One shall Fall! In the end it’s Kup who will be losing this round. He’s pretty tough when he wants to be, but he was never quite Overlord level. Overlord has taken much stronger guys on in the past and has more firepower. Overlord wins.