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Corrin vs Maka

Suggested by Sonic Corrin and Maka are both close combat fighters who excel in sword/scythe fighting styles. Corrin has great technique and is even part dragon which may give her the edge in raw power over Maka. However, Maka has great speed as she has shown many times over the course of Soul Eater and has also obtained a nice super form in the manga. It would be difficult for Corrin to land enough hits to take her down even if she may have the better equipment. Maka wins.

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Kaulder vs Maka

This is a tribute to The Last Witch Hunter. Kaulder may do a decent job when it comes to stopping witches in his world, but he wouldn’t last long against the threats that Maka has to deal with. One of her attacks is a real Witch Hunter and one shot would take Kaulder down for the count. Physically, he is still just a normal joe so he wouldn’t be able to keep up with her speed for a single minute. Maka wins.

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Wybie Lovat vs Maka

SOUL EATER - 44 - Large 01
Wybie Lovat is back and now he’s up against Maka! Maka doesn’t use a sword, but she does have a powerful scythe at her disposal! One good shot would be able to defeat Wybie Lovat and she could unleash it in an instant. Wybie Lovat may have thought of himself as a powerful opponent, but maybe he’s not as tough as we all thought! Maka wins.