Harley Quinn vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous Harley Quinn is an impressive hand to hand fighter. Over the years she has honed her skills quite a lot to the point where she can even give a foe like Nightwing a run for his money. That won’t be enough to stop Kiva though. Kiva is quite fast and skilled as well. Additionally he has quite a few special abilities including elemental attacks which will tip the scales of battle his way. Quinn just needs more power ups to catch him. Kiva wins.

Daniel Jackson vs Kiva


Suggested by Anonymous Kiva is back after not fighting for quite a while. His speed and strength always make him a formidable foe. Daniel has energy manipulation at his disposal which means he can keep Kiva busy with a lot of energy balls. However, Daniel isn’t much of a fighter and so Kiva will be able to outmaneuver the energy attacks and quickly end the match as soon as he lands a quick hit. This is why Kiva’s speed will be very important. Kiva wins.

One Above All vs Kiva

Suggested by Anonymous The One Above All has fought many times on the blog so he certainly has a lot of experience. That being said, he doesn’t have enough experience to take on someone like Kiva. Kiva is stronger than TOAA and also has better hand to hand techniques. The One Above All can do his best to delay the outcome of the fight but he can’t change it. Kiva wins

Thor vs Kiva

Requested by Big Red Kiva is strong and has a large variety of fire attacks at his disposal. He doesn’t lack in speed or power. He is simply outmatched here as Thor can easily hold his own in a match of strength. It is conceivable that Kiva may be a little faster, but Thor’s overwhelming power is not something that Kiva will be able to overcome. Kiva has been through quite the gauntlet on the site over the last year, but it seems to finally be over. He had an admirable run. Thor wins.

Kiva vs Meta Knight

Suggested by Someone Meta Knight may not be a traditional looking swordsman in the same way as Link or Marth due to his size, but his skills are certainly very real. He has a powerful ship which was even able to down the Great Fox and he’s given Kirby some tough calls. That being said, I don’t believe he will be able to keep up with Kiva in this round. Kiva has some good sword skills of his own and has a huge advantage in destructive power. A single hit could possibly be fatal for Meta Knight. Kiva wins.

Kiva vs Wario


Suggested by Someone Kiva has returned, but can he handle Wario? Defeating Wario in his normal form would be extremely easy, but Wario is able to transform into Wario-Man by eating some Garlic. That form gives him a decent amount of speed and power to fall back on and helps him to even the playing field. I do think that Kiva still retains the edge and should have more raw power on his side. Speed would be close, but Kiva may be able to win in that field as well. Wario came close, but he was not close enough. Kiva wins.

Kendoman vs Kiva


Suggested by Someone Kendoman is one of the weaker Megaman navi’s and he doesn’t really have much going for him in terms of speed, attack, or defense. I could reasonably see Kiva overwhelming him with a flurry of blows here and the fire damage would certainly take its toll. Kendoman may be able to parry a few blows, but he will simply not be fast enough to stop them all and he won’t be able to fire off any counters in return. Kiva wins.

Kiva vs Pac Man

Requested by Someone Pac Man is a skilled fighter, but that being said, this wasn’t as much of a blowout as with some of the other Smash characters. Pac Man is strong, but he doesn’t have a huge defense against Kiva. Kiva’s the better hand to hand fighter and his speed will let him dodge Pac Man’s projectiles. It’s a good thing that Pac Man has his golden form and his super forms from the new show to combine with the other power ups over the years. He takes a narrow win over Kiva this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this match was overturned someday. The difference in abilities is quite close this time. Pac Man wins.

Kiva vs Ness

Kiva is back once again, but he won’t be able to cope with the psychic powers that Ness has at his disposal. Thanks to the Super Smash games, Ness has perfected just about every kind of PK ability including Flash, Thunder, and Fire. Kiva will have to keep his distance, but the PK Meteors will eventually track him down and end the fight. Kiva would need to be a quite a bit faster if he wants to dodge them all. Ness wins.

Kiva vs Clefairy

Kiva is a strong fighter and he is quite fast as well. He can engage in both long range combat and close quarters although the latter is certainly his specialty. His hand to hand skills are far better than Clefairy’s, but she has many more attack options than he does. She can use attacks like Hyper Beam and has many stat boost abilities as well. The fact of the matter is that catching Clefairy and tagging her with any attacks will be quite difficult in the end. Kiva’s speed won’t be enough to dodge Clefairy though. Clefairy wins.