Kiva vs The Doctor

The Doctor is a pretty smart guy and he has certainly been around for a while. That being said, he’s really not much of a fighter. Kiva’s speed and strength are at a very high level and he should e able to easily get in close and win with a critical slash from his fire blade. The Doctor has no real defense options at his disposal that will stop Kiva for long and forget about offensive options. Kiva also has powered up forms that he could use if necessary. Kiva wins.

Kiva vs Mario

Mario is another fire opponent for Kiva so this can be tricky. Normal Mario would get schooled here, but he has attained many power ups over the years. Some of his forms are quite deadly like his Power Star form or even Rainbow Mode. Kiva’s a tough guy to take down, but he simply can’t handle Mario’s large array of attack options. Things have certainly been getting a little dicey for this guy. Mario wins.

Charizard vs Kiva

Kiva has returned, but now he is up against Charizard. Charizard has a Mega Mode, but he may not even need it this time. Charizard already has the massive speed advantage in this battle and I’d wager that physically he is on Kiva’s level as well. Kiva has a lot of good fire attacks, but let’s not forget that he is fighting a fire dragon. This is just a tough match up for Kiva. Charizard wins.

Kiva vs Samus

This is going to be another close loss for Kiva. I’d say that his physical stats are all fairly close to Samus. They’re both very fast as well as very strong. This really comes down to the fact that I consider Samus to be a little faster than Kiva and that I believe her Zero Laser would take him down for the count. Things look troubling, but I’m sure that Kiva can find his way back to the winner’s circle! Samus wins.

Kiva vs Pikachu

Kiva had such a strong start on the blog, but things have been getting very tough for him lately. He’s a strong fighter who can engage in long range or close quarters combat, but you could say the same for Pikachu. Pikachu has super speed and you can’t forget that he also has a lot of power in his Volt Tackle. One good charge and it’s game over for Kiva. Kiva is not yet ready for this level of power. Pikachu wins.

Lucario vs Kiva

Lucario is one of the more powerful Pokemon to enter the franchise. He has a great Mega form and his aura abilities can greatly amp up his physical and long ranged attacks. Kiva is very fast and has a lot of attack power as well, but I don’t see him putting up much of a fight this time. The gap in skill is just too big. Lucario wins.

Kiva vs Batman

Kiva had a good start, but now it is time to face an extremely tough fighter. Batman may not have prep time, but he gets to start out with his two power rings and Superman’s overwhelming speed/strength. Kiva’s vampire abilities can’t compensate for that incredible amount of power and he shall have to take a loss here. Batman’s even got the tactical edge if necessary. Batman wins.

Kiva vs L

L is another great detective to face off against Kiva, but he doesn’t have any superhuman abilities that will let him keep up with Kiva’s speed. As it stands, a single blow from Kiva would end the fight here as L simply could not survive that amount of destructive force. L will be sure to make a lot of deductions during the fight, but those insights will not be enough to grant him the win. Kiva wins.

Kiva vs Light

Light is a great tactical fighter who is always ready to make the winning play, but he’s not much of a
fighter and you can’t win a battle with brains alone. Kiva has raw power and speed, which makes for a deadly combo at his disposal. Light doesn’t have a chance at overtaking him in this battle and the gap in their abilities is too great. A single energy shot from Kiva will end this battle, but at least Light can have a final laugh before it hits him. Light always went out in a grand way. Kiva wins.

Kiva vs Wii Fit Trainer

Kiva’s actually a lot stronger than I had remembered. His raw attack power is very impressive and his high levels of speed allow him to fight several enemies at once. Wii Fit Trainer excels at fighting from a distance, but I don’t see her being able to keep up with Kiva from long range either thanks to his strong energy blasts. His hammer grants him additional power and not even the Wii Fit Trainer’s energy bodies attack can keep him at bay. Kiva wins.