Terry Bogard vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mario is a character who has been around for a very long time so lets not get that confused. The guy can ball! Mario has been shown to be proficient in every sport as well as kart racing. He’s also fought in many games and has power ups ranging from Power Stars to other such enhancements. That being said, I don’t think he is ready for Terry. Mario’s reaction times have been shown to be downright terrible in the main Mario games and his physical stats aren’t amazing. I believe Terry would be able to keep Mario missing until Terry delivers a punishing counter. Terry Bogard wins.

Isabelle vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mario is a very talented fighter who has a lot of power ups and skills. He can jump around Isabelle’s attacks and launch some powerful counters. She doesn’t have an answer for any of his attacks and I fear that her lack of practical combat experience is also going to hurt her here. She won’t be able to react to his attacks in time and may even let the nerves get to her. This is not a fight that she was ready for. Mario wins.

Mimikyu vs Mario

Suggested by Sonic Mimikyu is a pretty spooky Pokemon who doesn’t take prisoners. It will keep fighting until Pikachu has been destroyed. Mario has some experience with electric opponents, but that won’t be quite enough here. I’m afraid that he is simply outmatched. He can’t hope to keep up with Mimikyu’s speed and his power won’t mean much without being able to land a blow. I’m afraid that this is just one fight that the doctor can’t overcome. Mimikyu wins.

Mario vs Roy (Koopa Kid)

Roy is one of those Koopa Kids who never seems like he is quite a match for Mario. That being said, he does give his all in every fight. I like to think that maybe he could land a hit on Mario, but the plumber is so athletic that it would definitely be a tough feat. Meanwhile Mario would be landing a ton of hits and that’s why he definitely has the advantage here by a long shot. He won’t even need a Power Star. Mario wins.

Kiva vs Mario

Mario is another fire opponent for Kiva so this can be tricky. Normal Mario would get schooled here, but he has attained many power ups over the years. Some of his forms are quite deadly like his Power Star form or even Rainbow Mode. Kiva’s a tough guy to take down, but he simply can’t handle Mario’s large array of attack options. Things have certainly been getting a little dicey for this guy. Mario wins.

Mario vs Ryu

unnamed (1)
Mario is powerful, but I don’t see him being able to stand up to someone like Ryu for very long. Ryu has gone toe to toe with Akuma and while he is typically a little outmatched, Ryu makes things interesting. His Shoryuken makes for a very powerful technique and a few good punches will even get Mario to back down for a while. I just don’t think that Mario can keep up with this powerful Street Fighter for very long. Ryu wins.

Bionic Bunny vs Mario

Bionic Bunny is back, but now he’s up against the legendary plumber! Mario may not look all that impressive from afar, but he’s actually quite skilled in close quarters combat. His punishing attacks would deal a lot of damage to Bionic Bunny and he can also engage in an aerial battle thanks to his flying form from Galaxy. Bionic Bunny has a lot of power as well, but he’s not quick enough to get in Mario’s way. Mario wins.

Bonetail vs Mario

Bonetail may be a powerful creature, but this is Mario that we’re talking about so Bonetail is out of luck. The plumber is always ready with a hammer and his trusty cap. Mario has many forms including his Tanooki suit, which will allow him to fly out of harm’s way and then come back for the win. Bonetail loses his blog debut match, but I’m sure that he’ll be back. Mario wins.

Rawk Hawk vs Mario

Rawk Hawk is a pretty tough guy and he was the champion of a certain fighting arena for a very long time. That being said, Mario knows a thing or two about fighting battles as well and he’s made a name for himself at the Smash Bros arena. Rawk Hawk may have a lot of physical power, but Mario can shoot giant fireballs while staying far away. Mario’s also a lot quicker than Rawk Hawk. Mario wins.

Hammer Bro vs Mario

Mario Hammer Bros
The legendary Hammer Bro makes his debut on the blog and he can definitely be a tough opponent. The Hammer Bros appear in many Mario games and they are typically some of the tougher guys around since dodging their hammer can take a whole lot of skill. Luckily, Mario has his own hammer, which should even the playing field. Mario has a lot of other power ups that will allow him to take the lead. Mario wins.