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Mario vs Roy (Koopa Kid)

Roy is one of those Koopa Kids who never seems like he is quite a match for Mario. That being said, he does give his all in every fight. I like to think that maybe he could land a hit on Mario, but the plumber is so athletic that it would definitely be a tough feat. Meanwhile Mario would be landing a ton of hits and that’s why he definitely has the advantage here by a long shot. He won’t even need a Power Star. Mario wins.

Battles, Roy (Koopa Kid) Battles, Roy Battles

Roy vs Roy (Koopa Kid)

Roy is one of the strongest Nintendo swordsman out there and he’s been a blast to play in the Wii U title. His fiery sword swings deal massive damage with each shot and he has aged well from Melee. Roy (Koopa Kid) may have his Clown Car, but he’s seriously outmatched in all areas of combat. He won’t be able to keep up with Roy’s speed and a single strike will take him out of the fight. This is the gap in their abilities! Roy wins.