Klaptrap vs Roy

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Suggested by Sonic Klaptrap is a pretty common enemy but don’t let this fool you. The guy can bite with the best of them! He’s not just another enemy to kick around. Still, I think it’s safe to say that Roy’s got this one in the bag. A single hit from his flame sword would be enough to end the match. His speed and determination will ensure that he gets the hit. This may have been Klaptrap’s debut match, but it wasn’t enough to put him over the edge. Roy wins.


Meta Knight vs Roy

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Suggested by Sonic Meta Knight is a mysterious swordsman who has given Kirby a run for his money at times. Still, he is no match for Roy. Roy is also a very skilled fighter and his flame blade is to be feared. He is significantly faster than Meta Knight and his blows also hit a lot harder. Meta Knight will be on the defensive for the whole match and by the end he will have been forced to acknowledge Roy’s power. From all of the Fire Emblem characters throughout history Roy is likely still top 5 in terms of power. Roy wins.

al’Lan Mandragoran vs Roy

al’Lan Mandragoran is back, but now he’s up against an incredibly powerful flame swordsman in Roy. Roy can move at incredible speeds and his raw power is in a league of its own. al’Lan Mandragoran may be able to heal, but Roy will overwhelm him with pure speed and power. al’Lan Mandragoran just won’t be able to find a defense against that and the flame effects from Roy’s attacks will just make them that much deadlier. Roy wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Roy

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Roy takes this round due to his amazingly high levels of speed. Robin has a lot of good projectiles, but the fire won’t bother Roy all that much and he can just dodge the lightning bolts. Robin is doomed once this battle becomes a close combat fight and that’s Roy’s specialty. He’ll use his speed to overwhelm Robin and I’d say that Roy is still the strongest Fire Emblem protagonist. Roy wins.

Roy vs Lucario

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Roy is powerful, but Lucario has the power of aura. Thanks to Smash Bros, Lucario can fire off Kamehameha waves and his speed is actually greater than Roy’s. These two advantages for Lucario will be way too much for Roy to handle and the swordsman will actually be overwhelmed here. I can’t even say that it will be much of a close fight considering how powerful Lucario is, but it would still be enjoyable to see. Lucario wins.

Roy vs Captain Falcon

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As strong as Captain Falcon is, he’ll have a tough time stopping Roy. The cutscene where he defeated Chrom and Lucina was very impressive and had we seen more of the fight, it could have certainly tipped the scales. That being said, he can’t win this match right now. Roy is simply too powerful and too skilled to lose here. His fire abilities will even make the Captain feel the heat, that’s just how good this swordsman is! Roy wins.

Ken Masters vs Roy

Roy is back to take Ken down. Ken may be a decent hand to hand fighter when the chips are down, but there’s no way that he can deal with someone like Roy. Roy’s fire attacks will simply be too much for Ken and he is also a more experienced fighter. Ken’s quick cling to fame is already over and it’s time for him to be knocked down the ranks. At least he shall be remembered. Roy wins.

Roy vs Link

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It’s been a long time since I read the Fire Emblem manga with Roy so perhaps I am overrating him a little here, but I feel like he has the edge. His speed is extremely impressive and while Link’s Light Arrows are usually a deciding factor here, I feel like Roy would be able to block them and evade long enough to get close to Link. At that point, I feel like Link wouldn’t be able to keep up with Roy. Roy’s punishing blows would make Link eventually lose his grip on the Master Sword and that’s when it would all be over for him. What Link needs is a true Shounen Jump manga to give him some new speed feats. Until then, Roy wins.

Roy vs Roy (Koopa Kid)

Roy is one of the strongest Nintendo swordsman out there and he’s been a blast to play in the Wii U title. His fiery sword swings deal massive damage with each shot and he has aged well from Melee. Roy (Koopa Kid) may have his Clown Car, but he’s seriously outmatched in all areas of combat. He won’t be able to keep up with Roy’s speed and a single strike will take him out of the fight. This is the gap in their abilities! Roy wins.

Norman Bates vs Roy

Norman Bates has been fighting a lot lately which is fun for his opponents. Roy will have the honor of defeating him this time as his skills with a sword are far superior to Norman’s dagger skills. Norman takes another loss, but maybe he will be back. It’s been a while since Roy fought so it’s good to see him take the win! Roy wins.