Shiningman vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has his cannons and has a decent amount of mobility as well. That should definitely help him out quite a bit here. That being said, Shiningman was able to take Whaleman down. We haven’t seen a lot out of him but his base speed still seems better than Diddy’s. Diddy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve but at the same time I don’t see him having the physical abilities needed to take SHiningman down for the count. Shiningman wins.

Diddy Kong vs Olimar

Suggested by Destroyer Diddy Kong is fairly agile and should be able to stay one step ahead of Olimar the whole time. Olimar is used to being able to hide when the going gets tough but that won’t be an option here. Diddy Kong isn’t the strongest fighter but he still is able to use martial arts and other skills to get the job done. Diddy Kong wins.

Cloud vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has returned once more and he is definitely not going to go down without a fight. He has his banana guns and knows some basic combat skills, but none of it will be enough to do much to Cloud. Cloud is one of the chosen fighters of legend and has a lot of sweet limit moves. His air slashes alone would prove insurmountable to Diddy. All Diddy can do is wait for his defeat and hope that he is at least able to land a hit. Cloud wins.

Diddy Kong vs Kirby

Suggested by Sonic Diddy has returned, but he won’t fare any better in this match. Kirby has the ability to copy the techniques of anyone he eats. He’s done that to many foes in the past and has a whole lot of options to choose from. Even without any abilities he already has more strength than Diddy possesses. Diddy Kong’s only got his athletic skill to back him up and that won’t do much against Kirby’s impressive speed. Kirby wins.

Diddy Kong vs Ness

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong has a lot of bananas at his disposal, but they won’t do much against Ness and his psychic powers. Ness can use his TK abilities to hold Diddy in place as he launches a PK flash. He can also just take the offensive by using his elemental spells until Diddy goes down. Diddy doesn’t have a lot of options in this match. He’s athletic enough to dodge a good number of attacks and yet he isn’t fast enough to completely get away from them either. This leads to him being in a really bad place where he is doomed either way. Ness wins.

Roy vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong may be a pretty solid powerhouse, but he doesn’t have the pure fundamentals that Roy possesses. Furthermore, Roy’s speed is far greater than that of Diddy’s. Diddy will be lucky to land a single good hit here. He’s simply outmatched and I don’t think he has anything up his sleeve here to even give him a fighting chance. Even if he does land some hits, they wouldn’t be as powerful as DK’s and thus Roy can take them with ease. Ultimately Diddy is simply doomed this time. Roy wins.

Pikachu vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Sonic Diddy Kong is a tough fighter and rose up up in the tiers for some of the Super Smash Bros games, but he isn’t actually all that powerful when it comes to a 1 on 1 fight. Pikachu easily has the speed advantage here and a few good shots will end the match. The gap in their power is sizable and the same can be said for the difference in speed. No pop gun shots will be able to hit Pikachu and Diddy has no other viable options. Pikachu wins.

Prince Haru vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Destroyer Diddy Kong gained some popularity from being a top tier in the last 2 Smash Bros games. He was already more popular than Prince Haru so this was just adding fuel to the flame. Haru can throw his crown at Diddy Kong but I don’t think it would deal much damage, or even land for that matter. Diddy is just too quick for something like that. Diddy Kong wins.

Diddy Kong vs Leader

The Tournament continues! Diddy Kong is a Smash Bros character who is actually high tier. The problem is that he isn’t a very strong character. His bananna tricks won’t do anything except slow the Leader down and his hand to hand skills aren’t good enough. Diddy Kong would need a significant speed upgrade to deal with the Leader’s Gamma Power and at that point he’d be DK. Diddy ends up dropping out of the tourney rather quickly, but best of luck for next time! Leader wins.

Captain Falcon vs Diddy Kong

Captain Falcon Diddy
Diddy Kong is pretty athletic and he can dodge many attacks. He shouldn’t have a problem evading Captain Falcon’s Falcon Punch technique, but he’ll likely get rammed by the Blue Falcon at some point. The gap between the abilities of these two fighters is pretty vast and Captain Falcon can easily crush him in a hand to hand fight. Captain Falcon wins.