Prince Haru vs Diddy Kong

Suggested by Destroyer Diddy Kong gained some popularity from being a top tier in the last 2 Smash Bros games. He was already more popular than Prince Haru so this was just adding fuel to the flame. Haru can throw his crown at Diddy Kong but I don’t think it would deal much damage, or even land for that matter. Diddy is just too quick for something like that. Diddy Kong wins.

Prince Haru vs Pyrrha Nikos

Suggested by Destroyer Prince Haru is certainly not a fan favorite among members of the Mario community. It’s hard to say exactly why this is the case, but I have my suspicions. Needless to say, I really don’t think he will fare too well against the warrior known as Pyrrha. Her magnetic semblance is extremely useful since her weapons are metallic and as a fighter her hand to hand abilities already trump Haru’s. Pyrrha Nikos wins.

Prince Haru vs Hange

Suggested by Destroyer Prince Haru isn’t exactly a fan favorite character among due to how the Mario movie ended. He doesn’t really have any special powers and I don’t think he can even fight well in hand to hand. He would be very easily overwhelmed by a fighter as sharp as Hange. Who am I kidding, Hange isn’t a great fighter, but she’s still good enough to win this match. Hange wins.

Prince Haru vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer So a lot of people have been wondering if a Howard Aguello would ever win another match. Well they can stop now, Howard has proven time and time again that he has the skills to pay the bills when he is up against ordinary humans. While Haru may be a little fantastical in the end he has no real special abilities. That’s going to cost him here since he never obtained anything that could help him dodge a bullet or at least to deflect it. Howard Aguello wins.

Prince Haru vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer I’m always up for another Chunk battle. You have to say this for the guy…he never gives up. His gravity effect and teleporting ability will work pretty well for him in this round. The most important thing in this fight is probably the Chunk’s gun though. Haru isn’t faster than a speeding bullet so the Chunk will be able to tag him pretty easily. One shot is all it would take to end this round which also means that it is curtains for Haru. The Chunk wins.

Prince Haru vs Clover

Prince Haru is back and now he’s up against one of the few American Kaiju that are still out there. Clover is surprisingly quick considering her size and I believe that even Prince Haru will have to take a step back here. He’s tough to be sure, but one hit from Clover would instantly take him down for the count. Prince Haru wasn’t ready for this kind of fight! Clover wins.

Prince Haru vs Anguirus

Prince Haru is back, but things aren’t going to go very well for him in this round. Anguirus is a Kaiju and he has the physical stats to prove it! He’s far too powerful for the Prince and it should be easy for him to take the win. Prince Haru doesn’t really have any special abilities of his own, which is why he doesn’t stand a chance here. Anguirus wins.

Prince Haru vs Kumonga

Prince Haru doesn’t have the greatest record on the blog and I have a feeling that this round isn’t really going to help matters! Kumonga has gone up against the King of the Monsters in the past. Compared to Godzilla, Prince Haru won’t really seem like a threat to the spider. I would recommend for Prince Haru to quit while he was ahead, but he never really got to be in the lead. Kumonga wins.

Prince Haru vs Rodan

rodan (1)
Prince Haru has returned to the blog, but he’s fighting a pretty well known Kaiju! Rodan can fly at supersonic speeds, which enable him to shatter whole buildings just by flying past them. This means that he can just fly past Prince Haru and the fight will be over. Prince Haru doesn’t have any form of defense against this technique. Rodan wins.

Biollante vs Prince Haru

Things can be a little tough for Prince Haru because he doesn’t really have any fans. He may have been a brave prince, but it’s just hard for fans to root for him. It’s unfortunate since Prince Haru always meant well, but that won’t be enough to stop Biollante. A single acid blast will still defeat him and the crown. Biollante wins.