Yellow MnM vs Swiper

Suggested by Sonic Now this is a pretty tough match. Neither one of these guys are particularly impressive when it comes time to fight. Swiper isn’t much of a boxer although he would have the size advantage a bit. Meanwhile the MnM has his car so I want to say he could just run right through Swiper. It’s hardly the most elegant way to win, but a win’s a win right? There’s no much Swiper can do to stop him since he never swiped a gun or something super useful like that. I’m afraid that’s just game over for him. Yellow MnM wins.

Yellow MnM vs Ben 10

Yellow MnM makes his blog debut! His skills are pretty advanced and with one punch he can do some massive damage! Still, he is up against Ben 10! Ben 10 can take this match. He’s a pretty tough fighter and he really knows how to give it to the opponent! Ben 10 wins.