Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon vs Yomi

Suggested by Sonic Galaxy Eyes has a pretty cool name and he is quite the force to be reckoned with. You don’t want to mess with this monster because most likely you will end up being crushed. That being said, Yomi is far too powerful to this dragon. He was able to fight Yusuke to a standstill and that was near the end of the series. He has enough energy output to utterly obliterate Galaxy Eyes. Yomi wins.

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon vs Two Headed King Rex

Suggested by Sonic I think you can probably tell who is going to win this one just from reading the names of these two fighters right? One of them is a galaxy level threat while the other one is basically your average dragon. Galaxy Eyes can win this battle with a single high powered energy blast and that’s no easy feat. He’s a Yugioh monster to be feared. Trembling before his power would be a very natural reaction. What the King Rex needs to do is grow another head to increase his power. Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon wins.

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon vs King Ghidorah

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon fell to 0-1 a long time ago when he fought Naruto, but now he’s ready to get some wins. King Ghidorah was probably based off of this character even if he came out way before Yugioh even existed. It’s just one of those things…either way, King Ghidorah can’t hope to match Tachyon Dragon’s unrelenting attacks and it’s only a matter of time before he eventually goes down. In terms of raw power, it’s just not close. Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon wins.

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon vs Naruto

Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon makes his debut with this round, but he’s outmatched against Naruto. This serves as a tribute to Blood Prison as well. Naruto looked pretty good there so it’s no surprise that he will be getting a quick win here. Tachyon Dragon is pretty huge, but Naruto has faced giants in the past and he always comes out on top. Sage Mode should lead him to victory! Naruto wins.