Storm (Sonic) vs Axel

Suggested by Sonic Storm has some super strength as the rival to Knuckles in Sonic Riders but I wouldn’t say that he is very powerful. Axel has dealt with tougher opponents in his day after all. His fire based attacks will leave Storm spinning. Even with the hoverboard, Storm just won’t be able to do a whole lot to Axel. Axel is simply too skilled and his fire explosions will drain Storm’s energy away very quickly. Axel wins.

Renji vs Axel

Suggested by Sonic Axel has his flaming discs which are definitely pretty handy to have. It ensures that he always has a chance in these battles. That being said, Renji still has the edge here. He’s much faster than Axel to the point where I doubt you’d even be able to track his movements. Axel would just be throwing his discs into the air for all the good it would do him. Renji won’t need his bankai here, a few simple but effective sword strikes will do the job just fine. Renji wins.

Natsume (Gakuen Alice) vs Axel

Both of these fighters have fire abilities at their disposal, but Axel has much more combat experience than Natsume. He can throw his disk type of weapon, which helps his long range game while also being adept at close quarters combat. Natsume’s fire mastery isn’t fully ready for combat just yet and he will have some trouble against this fire opponent. Once his abilities have been upgraded a little, this should be more of an even fight. Axel wins.

Axel vs Axl

Axel is a pretty tough guy to fight against and he has a lot of weapons. However, Axl is a talented gunfighter and he has the edge in speed. Axel can hold his own in a fist fight, but Axl always has his guns to back him up as well as his shape shifting abilities. I’m going to have to give Axl the win on this one. Axl wins.

Train vs Axel

Axel has his fire weapons at the ready and he’s a pretty tough member of The Organization. That being said, Train was a member of the Chronos numbers and he’s one of the strongest combatants out there. Train’s excellent at long range with his nearly indestructible hand gun and he’s also lethal at close range with his excellent hand to hand techniques. I’m afraid that Axel will have to lose this round! Train wins.