Storm (Sonic) vs Axel

Suggested by Sonic Storm has some super strength as the rival to Knuckles in Sonic Riders but I wouldn’t say that he is very powerful. Axel has dealt with tougher opponents in his day after all. His fire based attacks will leave Storm spinning. Even with the hoverboard, Storm just won’t be able to do a whole lot to Axel. Axel is simply too skilled and his fire explosions will drain Storm’s energy away very quickly. Axel wins.

Storm (Sonic) vs Kilowog

Suggested by Sonic Storm is a pretty tough guy since he was able to go up against Knuckles. Still, as far as Sonic characters go he is still not one of the most powerful ones. Kilowog has a much better arsenal of moves up his sleeve thanks to the GL Power Ring. With that at the ready it’ll be child’s play for him to take Storm down a few pegs. There’s not really a whole lot that Storm can do to dodge for long. His hover board will help prolong the fight but won’t give him an opening to attack. Kilowog wins.

Storm (Sonic) vs Violet (Pokemon)

Suggested by Sonic Violet may have some Pokemon, but she still isn’t much of a trainer. She must have had some skills to become one of the gym leaders, but she has never proven herself. Storm is too quick to catch while on his board and his super strength will allow him to deal some mega damage once he is in range. Violet won’t be able to deal with such a powerful foe and her lack of experience will definitely hurt her when giving orders to the Pokemon. Storm (Sonic) wins.

Jane Foster vs Storm (Sonic)

Storm has some pretty good physical strength on his side, but that actually won’t be enough to take Jane down. It’s probably shocking to see a Marvel character defeat a Sonic character, but this is one of those rare occasions. Jane Foster once possessed the powers of Thor and that’s a pretty major power boost if you really think about it. That makes her stronger and faster than Storm, which results in a quick win. Jane Foster wins.