Storm (Sonic) vs Kilowog

Suggested by Sonic Storm is a pretty tough guy since he was able to go up against Knuckles. Still, as far as Sonic characters go he is still not one of the most powerful ones. Kilowog has a much better arsenal of moves up his sleeve thanks to the GL Power Ring. With that at the ready it’ll be child’s play for him to take Storm down a few pegs. There’s not really a whole lot that Storm can do to dodge for long. His hover board will help prolong the fight but won’t give him an opening to attack. Kilowog wins.

Major Victory vs Kilowog

Suggested by Sonic Major Victory is a pretty talented fighter. It may have taken some time for him to really embrace his role as the leader, but he definitely did manage to get there. He’s a guy that everyone respects and recognizes as a true fighter. His energy blasts will let him stand up to Kilowog’s power ring for a while, but ultimately will power is just too strong of an energy source to overcome. Kilowog’s attacks will last longer and deal more damage so it’s really hard to get around that. Kilowog wins.

Superman vs Kilowog

Kilowog is a brave Green Lantern, but I sometimes fear that his vision of himself is a little distorted. He seems to think that he is the strongest GL around even when he is constantly defeated by other opponents. He’s tough to be sure, but Superman would easily be able to defeat him in a single punch. Superman has the massive speed advantage and I can’t let anyone forget it! He won’t be losing this round. Superman wins.

Green Lantern vs Kilowog

Green Lantern is back and it’d definitely been a while! Don’t worry folks, Hal Jordan’s about to go on a roll! Kilowog may be powerful, but he won’t be able to stop someone as powerful as Hal. Hal Jordan is easily one of the strongest Green Lanterns out there. Green Lantern wins.