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Major Victory vs Kilowog

Suggested by Sonic Major Victory is a pretty talented fighter. It may have taken some time for him to really embrace his role as the leader, but he definitely did manage to get there. He’s a guy that everyone respects and recognizes as a true fighter. His energy blasts will let him stand up to Kilowog’s power ring for a while, but ultimately will power is just too strong of an energy source to overcome. Kilowog’s attacks will last longer and deal more damage so it’s really hard to get around that. Kilowog wins.

2 thoughts on “Major Victory vs Kilowog”

  1. My one dollar here: I don’t know much about Major Victory, but unless he has all that Captain America can get in terms of extra powers, then he isn’t worthy to scratch an itch on Sinestro’s back when it comes to power. Same here.

    1. Yeah, Victory definitely doesn’t have quite enough muscle or skill to win this round. Kilowog’s energy constructs will be smacking him around from start to finish!

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