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Major Victory vs Kilowog

Suggested by Sonic Major Victory is a pretty talented fighter. It may have taken some time for him to really embrace his role as the leader, but he definitely did manage to get there. He’s a guy that everyone respects and recognizes as a true fighter. His energy blasts will let him stand up to Kilowog’s power ring for a while, but ultimately will power is just too strong of an energy source to overcome. Kilowog’s attacks will last longer and deal more damage so it’s really hard to get around that. Kilowog wins.

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Major Victory vs Bass

Major Victory is a pretty brave hero, but he’s seriously outmatched against Bass! Bass has the edge in speed as well as power. Bass is a big threat whether he is attacking from short or long range. Major Victory’s shield throwing skills are good, but Bass can just fire an Earthbreaker and take him down. There is no victory to be found here for the major. Bass wins.

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Major Victory vs Star Lord

Star Lord vs Major Victory
Major Victory definitely has the edge in this round. Captain America’s shield will allow him to block most of Star Lord’s attacks and his telekinetic abilities really give him an edge. His barriers will block any attacks that get past the shield and he can also fire bolts back at Star Lord. Star Lord’s defense isn’t very good and he would be defeated by such a strategy. Major Victory wins.

Update! Star Lord got a gem that gave him enough power to take down Thanos. Defeating Major Victory shouldn’t be too hard. Star Lord wins.