Green Lantern vs Broly

Suggested by Random Green Lantern can create just about anything with his GL Power Ring. The strength of his constructs are directly tied to his willpower. As a result there are very few fighters who can actually break them. That being said, they may as well be made of candy next to Broly’s power. Broly can go Super Saiyan and has many super forms that he has obtained over the years. They really allow him to go past his limits and be a top 10 threat from all of media. He can win this match in seconds and GL would potentially never know what hit him. Broly wins.

Shaggy Man vs Green Lantern

The Shaggy Man is one of those villains that is easy to forget about. He never quite hit it off with most DC fans and was essentially replaced entirely with Amazo. Still, this guy hits like a truck and can withstand a lot of punishment. Green Lantern will have to take the kid gloves off if he wants to win this round, but I believe he can certainly pull such a victory off. His abilities are limited only by his imagination after all. Green Lantern wins.

Green Lantern vs Riddler

The Riddler is here, but he’s not here to win this round! Green Lantern is a very powerful opponent and his abilities are only limited by his imagination and willpower. The Riddler can make some good riddles, but he’s really not much of a fighter. He’s thoroughly outmatched when it comes down to a brawl so he won’t last long here. Green Lantern wins.

Dracula (Batman) vs Green Lantern

Dracula may have been a very tough enemy for Batman to defeat, but he wouldn’t last very long against Hal Jordan! Hal Jordan has taken many powerful opponents down in the past and one solid energy blast would end this fight. Dracula’s abilities are definitely in the superhuman range, but Green Lantern is far above that. Green Lantern wins.

Green Lantern vs Chi Chi

Chi Chi may be skilled at hand to hand combat, but she hasn’t mastered her ki abilities as well as the other Z Fighters like Krillin and Yamcha. She may be able to put up a decent fight (and likely win) if Green Lantern took his ring off, but I don’t see how she would be able to break through his shield to knock him down for the count. Hal just has too much will power. Green Lantern wins.

Graf Toren vs Green Lantern

Graf Toren is a tough Green Lantern, but he’s no match for Hal Jordan. I wouldn’t even say that they’re in the same league at this point. Hal has been fighting powerful enemies since he first became a Green Lantern. He’s dealt with threats that would make most heroes flee for their lives! Green Lantern wins.

Green Lantern vs Black Hand

Black Hand is a natural leader and he’s also a fighter, but he won’t be able to beat Green Lantern. Hal may have one of the strongest minds in comic book history and his constructs are very hard to destroy. Hal is also decent at hand to hand combat and his battle experience is almost as formidable as Batman’s. Black Hand is going to have to lose this match. Green Lantern wins.

Atrocitus vs Green Lantern

Atrocitus is back and now he’s up against Green Lantern! Hal has always been a pretty powerful fighter and he’s pretty underrated compared to the other Justice League members. Hal Jordan can keep up with just about anyone and his speed will help him overcome Atrocitus’ raw power. Atrocitus has a lot of durability so it will be a tough fight, but it’s a fight that Hal can win. Green Lantern wins.

Batman vs Green Lantern

Green Lantern is a very powerful DC warrior and he should not be underestimated by any means! Batman has a lot of prep time at his disposal and one good batarang should end this. All right…..that’s not how the match would go. Still, Batman has had his own GL Ring in the past and he also obtained Superman’s abilities at one point. That gives him a clear edge in this round and the ultimate victory. Batman wins.

Green Lantern vs Dr Doom

Green Lantern has his constructs which can deal some impressive damage to just about anyone. He’s one of DC’s strongest heroes and one good shot would be enough to end everything in an instant. Dr Doom has a lot of energy blasts at his disposal, but they won’t be able to break through Green Lantern’s barrier. Green Lantern wins.