Chi Chi vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Super Dark Shadow Chi Chi is back once again, but this is another battle that she can’t win. Yami Yugi has a ton of cards up his sleeve including Slifer The Sky Dragon. Chi Chi is fast enough to evade any of Yugi’s monsters one on one, but a whole army of them? I’m afraid that this will simply be too much for her to overcome. She isn’t at a high enough level yet where she can win such a fight and she needs at least one big power up to overcome her limits. Yami Yugi wins.

Chi Chi vs Despero

Suggested by iKnowledge Chi Chi used to be quite the fighter when she was a kid. Unfortunately she basically stopped fighting as she grew up and so she unfortunately never got much of a power level. Meanwhile Despero is a very strong villain who has gone up against Superman in the past. I actually think Chi Chi won’t be able to match his power and I’m not even sure if she can outspeed him. If only she had gone Super Saiyan at some point. Despero wins.

Green Lantern vs Chi Chi

Chi Chi may be skilled at hand to hand combat, but she hasn’t mastered her ki abilities as well as the other Z Fighters like Krillin and Yamcha. She may be able to put up a decent fight (and likely win) if Green Lantern took his ring off, but I don’t see how she would be able to break through his shield to knock him down for the count. Hal just has too much will power. Green Lantern wins.

Kushina vs Chi Chi

Kushina is back and now she’s up against Chi Chi! Chi Chi is a lot faster and stronger than Kushina, not to mention that she also has better techniques. One good energy blast should take Kushina down. Kushina’s gonna have to think fast if she wants to break her losing streak! Chi Chi wins.

Vegeta vs Chi Chi

Vegeta is the Prince of All Saiyans! He cannot be defeated. Chi Chi has fought with characters like Goku and Buu, but in the end she’s not a match for Vegeta. While she’s a master at hand to hand combat she lacks the speed and power that Vegeta has. Vegeta takes this win and rises in the blog. Vegeta wins.

Goku vs Chi Chi

One of the strongest warriors in the universe is back. Goku could defeat Chi Chi with a single kamehameha. She may be strong, but in the end she’s just not strong enough to take on Goku. Goku gets yet another win and moves even further up the blog ranks. He cannot be defeated so easily. Goku will get more wins in the future….you can count on it! Goku wins.