Gemini Spark vs Cooler

Suggested by Destroyer Gemini Spark is quite quick and strong. He is easily one of the strongest Megaman Star Force characters out there. That being said, DBZ has always been in a league of its own when it comes to power levels. I don’t think Cooler would bat an eye at Spark’s abilities. A single energy blast would be enough to end the fight and with Cooler’s abilities it is basically guaranteed that he will land this hit. He won’t even need his final form. Cooler wins.

Omega Shenron vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Destroyer Well, I like Omega Shenron as much as the next guy, but he is definitely pretty overpowered. I can’t really see him needing to do much to stop Gemini Spark since he is considerably faster and stronger. He can erase universes after all and while Spark is a pretty good fighter in his own right, he still won’t be able to claim victory here. He will witness true power. Omega Shenron wins.

Flashman vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Destroyer Flashman has low key definitely got to be one of the coolest Megaman exe villains. I just really liked the guy and he is pretty tough as well. That being said, Gemini Spark is considerably faster and his electric nature will give him some resistance to the flash attacks. Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Spark vs Bass

Suggested by Blake Gemini Spark is one of the stronger Megaman Star Force villains. His lightning fast speed plus his ability to duplicate himself will really come in handy. Of course it is all futile against a foe as mighty as Bass. Bass has beaten universal threats in the past like Megaman and his speed ensures that he will never be hit. If you can’t hit him…how can you beat him? Bass wins.

Elec Man vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Blake Elec Man won’t fare much better against Gemini Spark than Elecman. He is still outgunned and simply outmatched against such a dangerous foe. Gemini Spark can beat him in a close quarters fight due to his superior speed and technique. He also has the edge in a long range battle for the same reasons. The only edge Elec Man has is his great use of puns. He can get Gemini Spark to laugh a few times before he goes down. Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Spark vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Gemini Spark is definitely the strongest thunder villain in Starforce. He can make a duplicate of himself which makes him a lot tougher to deal with. As it stands, he is already faster than Elecman and his sword skills are no joke. Elecman’s thunder blasts may buy him some time, but certainly not enough. Gemini Spark will not be deterred and will eventually get close enough to deal the finishing blow. Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Spark vs Zero exe

Zero is back and now he’s up against one of the strongest villains in the Star Force series! I’m afraid that this seriously cannot end well for the navi as Gemini Spark easily outranks him in speed. In a sword fight, Zero could potentially hold his own for a little while, but the difference in speed will just prove to be too much for him. Zero has lost two matches in a row so now may be the best time to panic! Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Saga vs Gemini Spark

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Gemini Saga is back and he’s up against Gemini Spark now! Gemini Saga has some pretty intense power, but in the end I think Gemini Spark’s speed may prove to be the deciding edge. Gemini Spark can dodge his attacks while launching many of his own. They’ll weaken Gemini Saga and eventually defeat him. Gemini Spark wins.

Queen Ophiuca vs Gemini Spark

Queen Ophiuca makes her blog debut, but I hope you weren’t seriously expecting her to win this round. Gemini Spark is possibly Megaman SF’s greatest enemy and his abilities are incredible. Queen Ophiuca won’t be able to keep up with his speed or power. Gemini Spark rises up the blog ranks with this win. Gemini Spark wins.

Gemini Spark vs Megaman SF

Gemini Spark is one of Megaman’s stronger opponents. Gemini Spark has incredible speed and striking power and Megaman was barely able to defeat him. Still, now that Megaman SF has his Tribe King and Black Ace forms, this match is as good as over. Maybe Gemini Spark will be back soon. Megaman SF wins.