Turboman vs Elec Man

Suggested by Sonic It’s rare for a classic Mega Man character to take out an EXE fighter but that’s what we’ve got here. Elec Man is one of the original robot masters and fortunately for him that means he got to be in the Mega Mix series where everyone got really buffed. Turboman has a good amount of speed and some decent techniques but nothing which would actually let him win this fight. Elec Man can match his speed and his electricity will just be way too difficult to get past. Elec Man wins.

Elec Man vs Electro

Suggested by Sonic Time for a battle of electricity. Electro can turn into the element and has a lot of good speed feats at his disposal. Meanwhile Elec Man completely destroys him when it comes to power and in combat speed he can hold his own. I imagine that electricity should only be minimally effective against him so this is where the power comes in handy. Elec Man should be able to punch right through Electro and turning into electricity won’t be very useful since Elec Man can disrupt that. That’s why the robot master takes this round. Elec Man wins.

Elec Man vs Gutsman

Suggested by Blake Elec Man is a fun Mega Man character and I personally like the guy. That being said, it could be a little difficult for him to take Gutsman down. Being a net navi has its advantages, one of which is the array of battlechips. Elec Man will just have a tough time here and just needs a little more oomph to win this fight. It’s a really close bout though. Gutsman wins.

Gate vs Elec Man

Suggested by Blake Elec Man is a little out gunned in this fight. While his thunder abilities are formidable, he isn’t quite ready for the big leagues. Gate is far stronger than Elec Man and I would wager that their speed levels are not too far apart either. While the match may be closer than it would appear at first glance, I don’t think the victor is really in doubt. Gate wins.

Elec Man vs Guts Man

Suggested by Blake While not as fast or as strong as Elecman, Elec Man is still a pretty skilled electric fighter. Guts Man is still outranged and outsped for the entire bout. Guts Man seriously needs a power up if he wants to stay relevant in the Megaman hierarchy. At the moment, he is probably one of the weakest fighters in the verse and that’s pretty sad. Elec Man wins.

Bass vs Elec Man

Suggested by Blake This may not come as a surprise to you, but Bass definitely wins this round easy. There really isn’t much that Elec Man can do to even scare Bass. His thunder attacks would all be absorbed and he can’t hope to land a blow in hand to hand combat. This is one of those blowouts that could make the record books. The fight would be over in an instant and Bass won’t be breaking a sweat this time. Bass wins.

Elec Man vs Gemini Spark

Suggested by Blake Elec Man won’t fare much better against Gemini Spark than Elecman. He is still outgunned and simply outmatched against such a dangerous foe. Gemini Spark can beat him in a close quarters fight due to his superior speed and technique. He also has the edge in a long range battle for the same reasons. The only edge Elec Man has is his great use of puns. He can get Gemini Spark to laugh a few times before he goes down. Gemini Spark wins.

Elec Man vs Elecman

Suggested by Blake Elec Man is a pretty strong robot but he doesn’t have Elecman’s training and expertise. Elecman has been able to speedblitz Megaman in the past and that’s no easy feat. This automatically gives him the vast edge in speed in this round. Electricity isn’t particularly good against either of them, but that works to Elecman’s favor since he already has the speed edge. It’s a classic case of speed determining the match since Elec Man can’t hope to catch him. Elecman wins.

Elec Man vs Mega Man

Mega Man is back to take down his old foe. He couldn’t just let Elec Man stay in the 1-0 section forever could he! Elec Man may be a powerful being, but Mega Man has the power, speed, defense, and overall ability advantage! That’s a lot of power at his disposal and Mega Man rises up the ranks with this win. Mega Man wins.

Elec Man vs Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a powerful fighter, but now she’s up against the power Elec Man! With his awesome powers Elec Man has done some pretty serious damage in the past. It’s pretty Shocking that this is his first match on the blog! Well he’ll be back. Elec Man wins.