Titanosaurus vs Electro

Suggested by Destroyer Electro is one of the most powerful Spider-Man villains out there. The guy can end up moving at near supersonic speeds and there’s no way for Titanosaurus to land a clean blow. Electro will just be in and out of there in the blink of an eye. That’s the kind of skills that will be on display here and hard to stop. Titanosaurus can endure a few shocks but then that’s it. Electro wins.

Taskmaster vs Electro

Suggested by Sonic Taskmaster is an expert at copying techniques and then even improving on them. He’s certainly not someone who should be taken lightly. That being said, Electro can turn into pure electricity and moves at high speeds. Taskmaster’s attacks won’t even be able to scratch him. When Electro is serious he actually ends up being one of the strongest fighters to deal with. Taking him down will not be easy. In fact it will be pretty much near impossible so this is just a rough matchup for the copymaster. Electro wins.

Elec Man vs Electro

Suggested by Sonic Time for a battle of electricity. Electro can turn into the element and has a lot of good speed feats at his disposal. Meanwhile Elec Man completely destroys him when it comes to power and in combat speed he can hold his own. I imagine that electricity should only be minimally effective against him so this is where the power comes in handy. Elec Man should be able to punch right through Electro and turning into electricity won’t be very useful since Elec Man can disrupt that. That’s why the robot master takes this round. Elec Man wins.

Kakuzu vs Electro

Suggested by Destroyer Kakuzu is a very powerful member of the Akatsuki so he definitely won’t be going down very easily. Electric attacks aren’t all that effective against him which will limit how effective Electro is. Electro will still be able to get in his share of hits thanks to his speed and the fact that the guy is hard to take down for the count. Still, it will not be enough to stop Kakuzu and while the fight would drag on, Kakuzu would be landing most of the hits. Kakuzu wins.

Harry Osborn vs Electro

Harry Osborn has had some decent super strength in the past and he can give Spiderman a decent fight when the wallcrawler is holding back. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough for Harry to take on one of Spidey’s most dangerous opponents. Electro can move from place to place with astonishing speed and his raw power is something else. A single blast has the power to shatter a building and Harry couldn’t endure such a hit. Electro wins.

Invisible Woman vs Electro

Electro is powerful and I consider him to be one of Spiderman’s most dangerous opponents. That being said, he won’t be able to defeat the Invisible Woman. Invisible Woman became Captain Universe for a time and her cosmic abilities rose her to great heights. There aren’t many opponents who can really handle that level of power and Electro isn’t one of them. Invisible Woman wins.

Connie Matsu vs Electro

Connie Matsu is a very obscure Godzilla character. Not many know of her. The thing is, she’s just an average reporter and can’t really fight. Electro has thunder powers that are pretty dangerous and he will use those powers to win this fight. Connie Matsu may never fight again, but at least she’s in the blog. Electro wins.

Spiderman vs Electro

Spiderman has been winning a lot of matches lately and doesn’t seem to be stopping. ELectro is one of his most dangerous villains. Just by touching him Spiderman could wind up a burnt crisp. He has to keep his distance and find a way to win.

One way is putting on the ole symbiote suit and pwning, but even then it may be close. Electro is no slouch in the fighting department. To ensure a complete victory Spiderman may have to use the Phoenix Force. Either way Electro doesn’t stand a chance in this match. He’ll be back. Spiderman wins.