Taskmaster vs Forge

Suggested by Sonic Forge is a genius inventor but I don’t think that will be enough against Taskmaster. Taskmaster has mastered many different fighting abilities in his time and also has some good equipment of his own like the fire sword. Forge can perhaps build himself some armor to buy time or a good gun but ultimately the difference in combat ability is what will be huge here. Forge can’t make a comeback. Taskmaster wins.

Taskmaster vs Electro

Suggested by Sonic Taskmaster is an expert at copying techniques and then even improving on them. He’s certainly not someone who should be taken lightly. That being said, Electro can turn into pure electricity and moves at high speeds. Taskmaster’s attacks won’t even be able to scratch him. When Electro is serious he actually ends up being one of the strongest fighters to deal with. Taking him down will not be easy. In fact it will be pretty much near impossible so this is just a rough matchup for the copymaster. Electro wins.

Canderous Ordo vs Taskmaster

Suggested by iKnowledge Taskmaster can copy abilities and has actually gotten some pretty solid abilities over the years. Usually he can only copy fighting styles but he’s gotten some other power ups as well. Canderous Ordo is particularly good with a blaster or in hand to hand combat but that won’t be enough to win here. He’s just not going to be able to tag Taskmaster. The villain is quite used to dodging bullets in his profession and in close quarters combat you may as well throw in the towel now because it’ll be all over. Taskmaster wins.

Hellboy vs Taskmaster

Suggested by Anonymous Taskmaster is an expert at copying abilities to the point where he was even able to increase his speed which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Hellboy’s got a lot of durability and power at his disposal but less technique than Taskmaster. The real question here will be whether he can endure Taskmaster’s more powerful weapons such as the sword. Hellboy has his larger demon form which enhances his strength even further. It’s a pretty close fight but one that Taskmaster is well equipped to win. Taskmaster wins.

Protege vs Taskmaster

Suggested by jordypresto0418 It’s time for a battle of two fighters who can both copy abilities. Many fighters who have such a useful ability end up being pretty high tier. Just look as Bass EXE or Amazo after all. Task Master is limited to copying technique though while Protoge copies actual abilities which gives him the edge. Taskmaster is definitely the better close combat fighter, but ultimately he would not be able to stand up to Protege’s pure energy output and durability. Taskmaster would be out of luck here. Protege wins.

Taskmaster vs Yamcha

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Suggested by iKnowledge Taskmaster is a pretty intense Marvel villain who is food at copying his opponent’s fighting styles as well as their strengths and weaknesses. He’s the kind of guy who really doesn’t go down without a fight, but that won’t help against a character like Yamcha who can literally crack planets with a punch. A single blast should take care of Taskmaster for good and no form of hand to hand combat can help to prevent that. Yamcha will finally be able to secure the victory he has been waiting for. Yamcha wins.

Taskmaster vs Invisible Woman

The Taskmaster is a tough foe and the guy has been able to go toe to toe with guys like Iron Fist and Spider Man. That being said, he has no good defense against the Invisible Woman’s force abilities. A quick force blast will knock him off balance and the Invisible Womanis skilled enough to keep on the pressure. The Taskmaster may not lose in a single hit typically, but there’s also a chance that he really would. Invisible Woman wins.

Taskmaster vs Spiderman

Spiderman is a pretty light hearted fellow, but he knows when he needs to win. Taskmaster is an experienced hand to hand fighter in his own right, but he lacks Spiderman’s natural abilities. Spiderman has obtained the Power Cosmic in the past and he has a very large edge over Taskmaster. Taskmaster may have lost another round, but this isn’t the end of the road for him. Spiderman wins.

Taskmaster vs Thor

Taskmaster is pretty good at hand to hand, but can he really hope to take down such a powerful opponent? Thor is no slouch in the hand to hand department either and his overwhelming power would make short work of Taskmaster. Taskmaster doesn’t have the speed needed to evade Thor for long and he won’t be able to endure multiple shots. Thor wins.