Protege vs Taskmaster

Suggested by jordypresto0418 It’s time for a battle of two fighters who can both copy abilities. Many fighters who have such a useful ability end up being pretty high tier. Just look as Bass EXE or Amazo after all. Task Master is limited to copying technique though while Protoge copies actual abilities which gives him the edge. Taskmaster is definitely the better close combat fighter, but ultimately he would not be able to stand up to Protege’s pure energy output and durability. Taskmaster would be out of luck here. Protege wins.

2 thoughts on “Protege vs Taskmaster

  1. This fight is pretty hard to tell who wins. Protege could copy Taskmaster’s ability, yet he really doesn’t have any ability besides copying techniques, so would Protege be able to copy his close combat skills? Protege can really become as powerful as anyone, but just cause he copies their powers doesn’t give him as much experience unlike Taskmaster has. However, Protege is more than just copying powers as he can also use powerful energy blasts that put him above most humans, I don’t think Taskmaster in his many years of dodging, combat, and pure skill could evade such powerful energy attacks. In a hand to hand fight Taskmaster would easily win, but when it comes to energy attacks and pure strength, Protege should have the upper edge. This would be a close match in my opinion. Also, could you do Monitor-Mind The Overvoid vs Luffy next? Monitor-Mind is apparently “the most powerful DC Character of all time”, even surpassing The Presence. It is the ultimate source of all creation in Fiction itself, it encompasses all of creation and all stories that arise from it, perceiving its entirety as an infinitesimal “Flaw” amidst its nothingness. It is an actual character, since it is stated as the supreme creator of all of fiction and has a hand, which created the DC Multiverse and contained it in a bottle. I want to see who wins.

    • Yeah, it’s definitely an interesting fight. Both of the have some similarities with the whole copying abilities thing for sure.

      For the request though, the Overvoid doesn’t really seem like a character. I was reading through his bio and appearances and it seems more like a concept but not really a sentient fighter with an actual form. I don’t think he would really be able to qualify for the blog

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