Hellboy vs Dragon Man

Suggested by Anonymous Dragon Man is a pretty powerful robot. He may be rather large but he can move at high speeds and has some pretty intense abilities. His fire breath will be negated here since that doesn’t really hurt Hellboy. It then comes down to physical power and speed. Dragon Man seems to surpass Hellboy in both of these areas. Hellboy’s sword will deal a lot of damage if he can get close but I don’t believe he will be able to get in range to do this. Dragon Man’s speed will prevent this in combat and he is durable enough to take a few stray hits while they come to blows. Dragon Man wins.

Hellboy vs Bucky

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy is a powerful fighter but one who is definitely not ready to tangle with Bucky. Bucky would be completely overwhelmed in a close quarters fight. His right arm would be a decent match for Hellboy but it’s not as powerful. Where Bucky has the edge here is with his various weapons. He can snipe someone from outer space and he has weapons that can injure Ronan and Red Hulk. He would be able to pepper Hellboy with these blasts and eventually he’ll go down for the count. Hellboy won’t be able to catch BUcky easily enough to press his advantage. Bucky wins.

Hellboy vs Taskmaster

Suggested by Anonymous Taskmaster is an expert at copying abilities to the point where he was even able to increase his speed which is pretty crazy when you think about it. Hellboy’s got a lot of durability and power at his disposal but less technique than Taskmaster. The real question here will be whether he can endure Taskmaster’s more powerful weapons such as the sword. Hellboy has his larger demon form which enhances his strength even further. It’s a pretty close fight but one that Taskmaster is well equipped to win. Taskmaster wins.

Dean Winchester vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous Dean’s match with Hellboy goes pretty similarly to how the Sam battle went. Hellboy’s got enough durability to tank Dean’s hits and then land some of his own. Dean can heal injuries to an extent so he can drag this out but ultimately you won’t beat Hellboy that way. His stats are high enough where he can keep Dean on the defensive the whole time and the hits will wear him down. Dean will eventually concede defeat and just needs a little something extra if he wants to beat a high ranking demon like Hellboy. Hellboy wins.

Hellboy vs Shocker

Suggested by Anonymous Shocker has always been one of the most underrated Spiderman villains of all time. The guy has a great costume and a pretty versatile ability. Despite all of this he is typically treated as more of a D rank villain. I dunno, the guy needs some more hype. That said, he still won’t be able to beat Hellboy. I don’t think his cannons would do a whole lot of damage except perhaps at their maximum setting which typically damages Shocker in the feedback. Hellboy’s fast enough where he won’t just take this and so I expect him to quickly go on the offensive and end this. Shocker would need a good power up to keep up here. Hellboy wins.

Sam Winchester vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous Sam has made it his business to go around taking out a bunch of demons like Hellboy over the years. He has obtained many supernatural abilities so it’s fair to say that he would give Hellboy a good fight. I just don’t see him being able to come out on top though. His fire abilities will be rendered useless here and even with his physical augmentations, Hellboy is stronger than Sam. This really puts Sam in a bind and it’s not one that I expect he will be able to get out of. I could see this being a close fight though and one that Hellboy would lose if he were to underestimate Sam. Hellboy wins.

Medusa (FF) vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous It’s time for Hellboy to return in a battle against one of the most well known Inhumans. Medusa’s hair is quite useful since it can move at high speeds and deal a lot of damage. It’s not an amazing matchup against a fire user though. While her hair is as strong as steel and all, that’s still not great against a user of hellfire like this guy. Hellboy’s got enough strength and durability to stay in this fight long enough to take her down. Hellboy wins.

Hellboy vs Hawkeye

Suggested by Anonymous Hawkeye has pretty excellent aim and a lot of great arrows but they’re not going to be enough here. Hellboy’s arm can resist the effects of almost all of Clint’s arrows. The blast arrows could be troublesome but it’ll be easy for Hellboy to close the distance and crush Hawkeye. Until he does, Hellboy’s reaction times will be more than sufficient to give him the edge here. Hellboy wins.

Hellboy vs Kingpin

Suggested by Anonymous Kingpin is a pretty tough guy. The fact that he is physically able to handle Spiderman the way that he does is incredible considering that Spidey should be far stronger than any human. Kingpin also has his Obliterator cane which I find to be underrated. Still, Kingpin’s not fast enough to win this round. Hellboy can match him in strength for the most part. Even if he may be overpowered in the end, Hellboy can use his fire abilities and speed to quickly take the upper hand here. Hellboy wins.

Jacob Frye vs Hellboy

Suggested by Anonymous Jacob is another character from the Assassin’s Creed games who is here to challenge Hellboy. Ultimately he will fall just like the rest though. Free running and being able to fight in close quarters like other characters just isn’t enough to take on a demon like this. Hellboy has fought with many demons and monsters in the past and ultimately came out alive. It would be difficult for Jacob to do the same. He may be able to dodge the fire blasts for a little while but he will tire eventually and then go down against Hellboy’s raw power. Hellboy wins.