Hellboy vs Bucky

Suggested by Anonymous Hellboy is a powerful fighter but one who is definitely not ready to tangle with Bucky. Bucky would be completely overwhelmed in a close quarters fight. His right arm would be a decent match for Hellboy but it’s not as powerful. Where Bucky has the edge here is with his various weapons. He can snipe someone from outer space and he has weapons that can injure Ronan and Red Hulk. He would be able to pepper Hellboy with these blasts and eventually he’ll go down for the count. Hellboy won’t be able to catch BUcky easily enough to press his advantage. Bucky wins.

2 thoughts on “Hellboy vs Bucky

  1. I think Hellboy should still have a greater chance than thought, for he doesn’t always have those weapons that can harm Thanos and Ronan the Accuser. Without those, Hellboy wins.

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