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Dante vs Bucky

Suggested by Anonymous Bucky is a talented fighter to be sure, but he’s definitely way out of his league against Dante here. Not only does Dante have a crazy healing factor, but his super speed is also completely off the charts. Bucky’s got his various guns and hand to hand skills, but he’s got nothing that can overcome Dante’s healing. Eventually Bucky will get tired and that’s when it’ll be all over for him. Dante wins.

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Thor vs Bucky

Captain-America-2-The-Winter-Soldier (1)
Bucky is a pretty good hand to hand fighter and he’s taken on Captain America on several occasions, but he doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Thor. Thor only needs one good hit to take Bucky down for the count since his physical strength is easily superior to Bucky’s. Bucky loses this round, but he gave it his all! Thor wins.

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Mr Fantastic vs Bucky

Mr Fantastic is a pretty tough guy. In the past he’s fought against guys like Galactus and Dr Doom! Of course Bucky has his moments, he has a gun and a shield. What more could he need? Still, in this match he loses to Mr Fantastic. Mr Fantastic has had guns and other weapons, but he was also in possession of Dr Doom’s body at one point! Mr Fantastic wins.

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Robin vs Bucky

Robin is a very strong sidekick….in fact he’s not even a sidekick anymore. He’s become his own fighter and saves the innocent from themselves. Bucky has also become a hero in his own right, but he won’t be able to compete with Robin. Robin is faster, quicker, bolder, and stronger. Robin cannot be defeated. Bucky takes another loss, but one of these days he’ll be back. Robin wins.

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Bucky vs Captain America

Captain America is a longstanding Marvel hero who has upheld Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Bucky has tried to follow in his footsteps. Even after temporarily turning into the Winter Soldier, in the end he became Captain America.

Of course the real Captain America will always be stronger than the Bucky idea of Captain America. Bucky is Caps sidekick and that’s just the way it is. Bucky will be back….sooner than you may think. Captain America wins.