Sabretooth vs Yeti

Suggested by Sonic A Yeti is a powerful ice monster but that’s not going to be enough to stop Sabretooth. Sabretooth’s durability and speed mean that he will be able to just rush in and overwhelm the Yeti. Sabretooth can endure any counter blows long enough to secure the win, that’s why it’s hard to beat someone who is super powerful and has regenerative abilities. The Yeti never stood a chance here. Sabretooth wins.

Sabretooth vs Bucky

Suggested by Sonic Bucky has some good hand to hand and his cybernetic implants did upgrade his power. It won’t be enough against Sabretooth though. At this villain’s best he has a very impressive degree of strength and speed. His healing factor is nothing to sneeze at either. Bucky can try his hardest to come out on top here but I would say Sabretooth has him beat in just about every category. Bucky will have a very hard time trying to keep up with this guy and the instant he gets tired and leaves an opening, Sabretooth will take advantage. Sabretooth wins.

Sabretooth vs Ironman

Sabretooth is quick and he always manages to give Wolverine a pretty good fight. Unfortunately for him, Sabretooth is just not ready to take on an opponent as skilled as Ironman. Ironman could fly rings around him and quickly overwhelm Sabretooth with energy blasts. Sabretooth won’t be able to endure such an onslaught. Ironman wins.

Sabretooth vs Tigra

Tigra is quick and tough, but she’s still mostly a generic fighter. Sabretooth is stronger and with his Healing Factor and Adamantium, Tigra wouldn’t stand a chance. Tigra loses this round and shows why she was never one of the heavy hitters. Sabretooth gets a win and rises up the ranks. Sabretooth wins.

Sabretooth vs Marrow

Sabretooth is back in a pretty close fight against Marrow. Marrow has nearly the same powers that he does plus she can shoot quills. His healing factor is a little better than hers, but in the end she wins this fight. It was tough and close, but he doesn’t have enough projectiles. Marrow wins.

Sabretooth vs Thor

Sabretooth may be quick and strong, but in the end he’s just not strong enough to take down Thor. Thor is much too powerful and wins this match with pure skill. Sabretooth takes a loss, and may not be back for a while. Thor gets himself another win and shows why he’s so powerful. Thor wins.

Wolverine vs Sabretooth

One of the big Marvel classics that no one will ever forget. Wolverine and Sabretooth have been rivals since the beginning of Wolverine history. Wolverine and him will continue to go at it as long as they live because that’s just how it is.

Sabretooth is a tough fighter and has showed many times that he can handle Wolverine for a while. The difference is that Wolverine is more skilled and has more battle experience with high ranked foes (Thor, Hulk, Deadpool) With that experience Wolverine takes the edge in this fight.

Sabretooth is tough, but he’s just not tough enough to win this match. Wolverine will show him who’s boss just like he always does. Wolverine even got the Phoenix Force recently, which only helps prove who’s the strongest. Wolverine wins.