Gregar vs Yeti

Gregar is back once again and now he’s up against the Yeti. The Yeti may seem like a pretty cool guy, but in the end will it be enough to take down Gregar? Gregar is a giant monster and he always manages to put up a good fight. He also knows how to win a lot of matches. Gregar wins.

Space Godzilla vs Yeti

Space Godzilla is really big and with one good punch he could take down the Yeti! The Yeti may be fierce, but in the end he wasn’t fierce enough. The Yeti drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least he tried! He’ll be back one of these days to pwn. Space Godzilla wins.

The BioLizard vs Yeti

The BioLizard is back yet again. This time he’s fighting the legendary Yeti. Yeti stands no chance against a being as powerful as The BioLizard. The BioLizard is the prototype for the Ultimate Life Form and has abilities that do honor to the name. Yeti drops down the blog ranks with this loss. The BioLizard wins.

Yeti vs Lazerman

Lazerman has his disruption blast which can take out many opponents, but let’s do this the old fashioned way. If it came to a fist fight Lazerman’s smarter, faster, and stronger so he can take down Yeti. Lazerman’s also more experienced in hand to hand combat. Yeti takes a loss. Lazerman wins.