Kazuya vs Alucard

Suggested by Destroyer This is potentially a pretty close fight. Both Kazuya and Alucard can certainly handle themselves pretty well in a fight. Kazuya is better at hand to hand but Alucard is faster and I would say he has better overall attack power. If either fighter gets on a roll then the fight would be over quickly. Ultimately I would say that Alucard has a better chance of landing those hits though so I’d have to go with him on this one. Alucard wins.

Pharohman vs Kazuya

Suggested by Destroyer Kazuya is a powerful Tekken fighter whose blows really deal a lot of damage. He also has his ogre form which comes fully equipped with laser beams and a not of other useful abilities. That said, he isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Pharohman. Pharohman’s beams would slice right through Kazuya and the fighter won’t be able to gain the advantage at any point. This will effectively nullify his hand to hand advantage. Pharohman wins.

Kazuya vs Ren

Suggested by iKnowledge Kazuya has a demon form that makes him a true threat, He has solid range and a whole lot of attack power. Still, that will not be enough to take Ren down. Ren is from the prestigious Tao family and has a lot of high level modes of attack. His sheer volume of energy is massive by the end of Shaman King. When you factor in his speed as well then he will be able to overwhelm Kazuya with massive attacks of pure power. Ren wins.

Kaguro vs Kazuya

Suggested by Sonic Kazuya has his demon mode which does amplify all of his stats, but I don’t think it will be quite enough to take down Kaguro. Kaguro was able to easily outspeed Gen and that kid was already quite fast. Kaguro’s attacks will also deal a lot of damage and while I don’t think his healing will be enough to outpace Kazuya’s attacks, they just won’t be hitting him often enough. Kaguro will be careful and he’ll chip away at Kazuya. Kaguro wins.

Ryu vs Kazuya

Usually, Kazuya would win this match instantly, but Ryu had the honor of appearing in Asura’s Wrath which gave him an insane power boost and turned the tides of the battle. Kazuya’s Devil Gene won’t be enough to win because while he may be an island buster, Ryu is essentially a planet buster. This is the first battle in the SF VS T battles and I can safely say that SF won’t win them all. Ryu wins.

Godzilla vs Kazuya

This is a tribute to Godzilla vs Space Godzilla. Big G didn’t look so good once again and takes a loss in this match. Kazuya could quickly overwhelm him with a fast barrage of punches and kicks. Godzilla just can’t stand that kind of power. He also can’t keep up with Kazuya’s speed. Kazuya wins.

Jin vs Kazuya

The Start of a Tekken Arc. Kazuya is an unbeatable hand to hand master and can’t lose to Jin. Jin is definitely a master at hand to hand also and if he wasn’t fighting Kazuya could take almost anyone else out. A good start for Kazuya. Kazuya wins.

But in the end I’m thinking Jin can take Kazuya on. It’s close, but he takes the win here. Jin wins.