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Chun Li vs Nina Williams

Nine Williams is a great hand to hand fighter and I’d probably say that she may be better than Chun Li in that department. She was overpowering Ken and even held her own against Ryu for a second. That being said, Nina has no fancy super powers or energy kicks and that will hurt her. Energy attacks can deal massive damage and I see Nina being taken out for the count as soon as one of those blows land. It will mean Game Over. Chun Li wins.

This image was presumably created by Seanhiruki. Link below.

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Ken Masters vs Nina Williams

The next battle in the miniseries of Street Fighter vs Tekken is here! Unfortunately for the Tekken universe, it’s time for another loss. Nina Williams is the superior hand to hand fighter, but Ken has gotten power increases in the past and obtained psychic abilities. His Hadouken abilities definitely give him the edge in this round. Ken Masters wins.