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Midnighter vs Chun Li

Suggested by iKnowledge Midnighter is back and now it’s time to see how he would fare against Chun Li. It’d definitely a pretty close battle I’d say. On one hand Chun Li is definitely the more skilled fighter if you ask me, but Midnighter’s hand to hand expertise and strategies will help him a lot. His raw strength is also a factor to be reckoned with. I don’t think Chun Li will be able to land enough hits to win this battle. Midnighter wins.

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San (Princess Mononoke) vs Chun Li

Suggested by JHG195 It’s time for San to enter the blog! She is a skilled warrior who has a remarkable amount of agility. If Chun Li hesitates for an instant San will be able to claim victory. However Chun Li is a very experienced hand to hand fighter who will never drop her guard like that. She is simply better at hand to hand combat and also has energy abilities which will amp up her moves and force San on the defensive. San simply won’t be able to break through such a guard. Chun Li wins.

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Sonic vs Chun Li

Suggested by Anonymous Chun Li is pretty skilled but she isn’t really at the same level as Sonic. Sonic is incredibly fast and he even knows some hand to hand skills as well. Defeating him would be quite the feat and I don’t even think he would need his Super Sonic form to win this round. His versatility and raw speed will be enough to claim a solid victory. Sonic wins.

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Chun Li vs Nina Williams

Nine Williams is a great hand to hand fighter and I’d probably say that she may be better than Chun Li in that department. She was overpowering Ken and even held her own against Ryu for a second. That being said, Nina has no fancy super powers or energy kicks and that will hurt her. Energy attacks can deal massive damage and I see Nina being taken out for the count as soon as one of those blows land. It will mean Game Over. Chun Li wins.

This image was presumably created by Seanhiruki. Link below.

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Asuka (Tekken) vs Chun Li

This is another tough battle as Chun Li takes on Asuka. It didn’t require a whole lot of thought since Asuka is a pretty good fighter, but she lacks the overwhelming firepower that Chun Li has in her kicks. The thunder kicks will take a lot of the fight out of Asuka and while she may have a slight edge in hand to hand combat, (Very arguable) the thunder element gives Chun Li the advantage in this round. So far, Street Fighter is actually taking most of the wins in this crossover arc. Chun Li wins.

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Chun Li vs Blaze

Chun Li is back, but this time she’s up against Blaze. Blaze has super speed which is a pretty big advantage. In Burning Blaze form her power is considerable and she can fire giant fire balls. I don’t think Chun Li could last for long against such an onslaught. Chun Li drops down the ranks with this loss, but she’ll be back. Blaze wins.

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Spiderman vs Chun Li

Marvel is back to try and defeat Street Fighter. Sadly for them they’ll never be a match. Chun Li is an intense fighter who fights at a pace that is much too intense for Spiderman. Spiderman was never the best hand to hand fighter. Chun Li wins.

Update 4/28/2019 With the Phoenix Force Spiderman is definitely too much for Chun Li to handle. Spiderman wins.