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Adam Sharp vs Alex Rider

Suggested by Destroyer Adam Sharp is a very sharp detective but he has never been all that much of a fighter. In comparison Alex has been trained in combat and he has a gun as well. Adam can’t outrun a bullet and since he can’t hope to win up close either it is clear that he has no real chance at winning this one. Alex Rider wins.

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Alex Rider vs Salt

Suggested by Destroyer Alex is a pretty good junior agent with a lot of useful gadgets up his sleeve. They put him in a position to give just about anyone a good fight. It’s all very handy but Salt is a professional who has been shown to have far greater skills with a gun. None of Alex’s gadgets will help him stay out of the line of Fire so I’m afraid it’s game over for him. Salt wins.

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Alex Rider vs Rocky Balboa

Suggested by Destroyer Rocky is an amazing fighter whose hand to hand skills are on a completely different level. He can undoubtedly beat Alex in a fist fight, but stands no chance against a gun. Alex has one and Rocky has never been particularly good at dodging. It’s all over for Balboa but maybe now he can finally retire. Alex Rider wins.

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Hannah Montana vs Alex Rider

Hannah Montana is a good singer, but she’s never been one of the greatest fighters out there. So, this request fight probably looks like a blowout. It really is since Alex Rider is a trained professional. None of these fighters have made it very far on the blog, but it’s safe to say that Alex Rider has a few tricks up his sleeve. Maybe this is just the start of a big comeback! Alex Rider wins.

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Alex Rider vs Godzilla

This is a tribute to the Godzilla film. Godzilla looked pretty impressive and he deserved to get a new win to up his ranking. Alex Rider has his gun at the ready, but I believe that it has been proven that bullets don’t work on Godzilla. Godzilla is far too powerful at this point in time to lose to a human and his abilities are enough to strike fear into the hearts of many. Godzilla wins.

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Alex Rider vs Master Chief

Alex Rider may seem like he’s just a kid, but he has a gun at the ready and he knows some decent hand to hand combat skills. That’s pretty impressive for him and it proves that he’s not someone who should be underestimated. It’s great to see him try to fight, but Master Chief will still win this round in the end with his superior armor and weapons. Master Chief wins.

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Alex Rider vs Lazerman

“My name is Lazerman!” When fans all around the world heard that line you knew that things had just gotten real! Alex Rider may be pretty tough and can stand up to many enemies, but in the end they aren’t powerful enough to take down Lazerman. So Alex Rider is pretty much doomed. Lazerman wins.