Adam Sharp vs Alex Rider

Suggested by Destroyer Adam Sharp is a very sharp detective but he has never been all that much of a fighter. In comparison Alex has been trained in combat and he has a gun as well. Adam can’t outrun a bullet and since he can’t hope to win up close either it is clear that he has no real chance at winning this one. Alex Rider wins.


Leonardo vs Adam Sharp


Adam Sharp is a pretty good agent so it’s safe to assume that he would already be aware of Leonardo’s sword abilities. That knowledge would prove useful if Adam Sharp was only a little faster. He won’t be able to dodge Leonardo’s attacks even if he knows that they’re about to hit him. In this case, the knowledge just won’t help him. Leonardo wins.

Adam Sharp vs Tengu Shredder

Adam Sharp may be a good secret agent, but he lacks the raw power that Tengu Shredder has. Tengu Shredder has claws that would slice and dice Adam Sharp. Adam Sharp takes a loss in this battle, but he ought to be back one day. When he does come back, maybe it’ll be with a win. As for Tengu Shredder…he has plenty of matches coming up. Tengu Shredder wins.

Adam Sharp vs Robin (Tim)

Robin (Tim) is back to get another win. Adam Sharp may be a pretty good fighter, but he’s not nearly good enough to take down a Robin. Robin rises into the blog as he wins yet again. Adam Sharp drops down the long blog ladder. Robin (Tim) wins.

Meta Knight vs Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp has his kid detective skills,but in the end he’s more of an agent than a detective. He always misses the big picture in the end. That’s what ties him down in the end. Meta Knight wins.

Adam Sharp vs Daniel X

Adam Sharp got lucky for a while but this time he bit off more than he can chew. That’s not a good thing for him. Daniel can create anything he can think of so if he read more books, he’d be really tough. But he still has some imagination. Daniel X wins.

Adam Sharp vs Nate The Great

Nate The Great has no equal when it comes to little kids eating pancakes. Not even Adam Sharp could eat frozen pancakes. This begs the question. Who’s the best fighter? I’d say Nate The Great is tougher and smarter but since he doesn’t like to hurt people Adam Sharp would probably win. Plus gadgets help. Adam Sharp wins.

Encyclopedia Brown vs Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp has more gadgets than any little kid should have. He has broken more rocks than Brown’s read encyclopedias. That’s…not much. Adam Sharp has the edge in his mild hand to hand combat. Adam Sharp wins.

Jigsaw Jones vs Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp has his own book series. I’m not too familiar with it, but I still dug up enough data to determine who would win this fight. Adam Sharp at least has a fancy suit and very, very, very, very mild hand to hand combat skills. Jigsaw has none. Adam Sharp wins.